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Thanks Al, I'm glad you liked it.

I used PMS metallic swatches for the purple... that blue was as dark as I could get with out changing color formats though
Actually.... uhhh would that look good rendered?
I guess so, Racer
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Ohh, nice skin, Teaz-R, good work :up:
al_heeley, haha that skin looks like a super-hero's supermobile! I can imagine Hyperman and his sidekick Lightningboy to rescue old ladies in that car!
hmm, yes, but its just a render I did for Racer Y, it's his skin

I like it, but I still reckon it would look better with a gradient to dark towards the front end.
Hi guys!

How to make this wonderful renders?
fzr wip
some of my work in progress
anyone render this when its 100% done...?

Fictional "MAX POWER - BLIZZARD racing"
-an exscuse to usesome proper art on cars.
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Nice! (But i don't like this game ) Its hard to render?
Just spent the last couple of hours on this...its a real life skin from superGT series in Japan.

Public skin, so enjoy.
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excellent skin, sir :up:
Quote from teaz-R :Well here's my latest.. Not by any means a exact replica. Didn't find most of the logos (or find out what they said in the first place) so i made them..
I'm pretty happy with it anyway.
Public skin as usual.


I'm sorry..... Thanks for the rendereing Al. It looks Good!

LOL I told someone that it's a real car and that the guy had it painted based on my drawing.... LOL
here is my valvoline FZ50
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nice hehe, btw al, i posted my WRC ford team rs XFR car, can u render for me, i had new idea for a render scene while im here, new idea: use a mirrored floor, and 2 mirrored walls next to 1 car model , "like the corner of a room ,but mirrored", that way we see all sides of car with 1 model object, just an idea.
'tis done, sir, but not worked out the mirrored walls yet you kinky devil.
[QUOTE=al heeley]Here's a new Racetek FZ-Racing skin, from a CMX screenie:

You always make such cool looking skins Al
Thanks, Racer Y. Maybe if I spent less time skinning and more time driving I'd be a bit more competitive on the track...
Here's My First Ever Serious Skin 4 My M8s Team

!!!!!GO Team 400 GO!!!!!
Hmmm.... (Soper) DELETED by Soper
Quote from Soper :What to say....

how about "Very nice skin, cleanly done, and eye-catching, with a great rear end"?
:up: Nice one, Fox.
ye Fox, great skin there... I'll hope i've time enough for round 7

FZ Skins (All)
(2597 posts, started )