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Ministry of Speed
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IM BACKKKKKKKKKK and Congats , Looking forward too 12h
Good News. Gratz to team and drivers.
Congrats on the 2nd place guys well deserved i reckon.
Congrats for the second place, you lads deserve it
Congratz,keep it up
Well done ministers guys
Grats and good luck. Looking good, so far.
Impressive! Im glad to hear you guys are improving. Keep it up! Good luck from me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year from Ministry of Speed

Ministry of Speed want to wish everyone the best wishes over the Christmas season.

We at Ministry of Speed havn't been too busy lately regarding leagues, but we have Round Four of the Desire of Patience Tour and the season of iTCC all coming up in January. We have also improved our system on the internet and created a new forum.

A long awaited signing!
We are delighted to announce Kazim Burak as a new addition to the team. Burak, former member of Parkfield Motorsport alongside our very own Jack. Burak raced on the prestegious CTRA servers while at Live for Speed with a Platinum Licence. Burak, like many others left Live For Speed for rFactor. While at rFactor, Burak competed with some mates in the prestigious rFactor endurance league where he managed a very successful fourth overall. On Burak's return to Live For Speed, he had applied for Ministry of Speed straight away, from keeping in contact with Jack. Since then, Burak has tested with us, on various different events on a very long trial period. Burak competed with us in the twelve hour race at Kyoto National Reverse in the Desire of Patience Tour, where we took a strong finish at the hier end of the field.
So please give him a warm welcome, it's Kazim Burak!

Enjoy the Christmas Season and a Happy New Year!
it's almost 12 months till christmas...but gratz anyway
Grats! Remember him from PM
great person , great driver
gratz ! And good luck for DoP and iTCC !
Grats guys and Merry Christmas
Congrats Burak and Ministry of Speed
Thanks all, hope to see you guys around more.

Quote from jwardy :great person , great driver

Same to you Jack.

Quote from aRIfA4 :Congrats Burak and Ministry of Speed

Why blue? Thanks a lot my FSX partner
weeeee gratz
Gratz Burak
Quote from JPeace :congrats.

i really like the way your not just signing anyone straight away, you look at them for talent and see how they can help the team. its really professional IMO. good lukc for the future both of you and lets hope for some decent results

Cheers JP, some decent results may be coming soon
Wahey! Congrats on the sign up. Keep it up guys and I'm sure you'll get quite some great achievements soon

Here at Ministry of Speed, we want to wish everyone a happy new year and may 2010 bring good luck and joy to all of you!

Since our official launch of Ministry of Speed, back in September last year we have grown tremendously as a team in many ways such as a well known LFS Racing team, with fast, active and friendly members.

On December 20th, Lublin Racing Team seen Piotr Krzyzanowski also known as Pietter deciding to part company with them and go looking for a new beginning in his LFS career. As soon as we at Ministry of Speed seen this oppurtunity for a possible recruit of one of the highly talented drivers in LFS, we felt we couldn't miss our chance. We got in contact straight away with Piotr, who was delighted to receive our message. It didn't take long for Pietter to prove what he could do to us and we were more than delighted to invite him into our team.

Now, with two new recruitments for Ministry of Speed in the last week, we have set our aims for achievements alot higher for 2010 where we hope to bring many results to the team. So, please give your warmest welcome, to Pietter!

Once again, we would like to wish you all a very happy new year and all the best for 2010.

Ministry of Speed
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