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If you don't buy what you want, who else will?
Always fancied a DSLR myself, but every time i look at them, i just cannot justify spending that amount of money of something that only does a marginally better job than my Casio EX-Z1000 point and shoot... (real world comparisons of course, not under the microscope )

Multiplex Fox throw thingy. They're only €10

Let's just say it won't be a throw glider for long

I was a naughty boy, Going to be worth it though

XPS 430 was on sale, I ended up paying £779 :O
A dell, lol.
Two of these

Quote from Sp33d Up :

I was a naughty boy, Going to be worth it though

XPS 430 was on sale, I ended up paying £779 :O

Epic waste of money... LOL
Citroen Saxo VTR.

No im not a chav either and it hasn't been "chaved" up

I drove a crappy Rover around for ages.....
Railroad Tycoon 3
Multi pack of Mars bars
Multi pack of Hula Hoops
Quote from teedot :Epic waste of money... LOL

true..but i have the 430, too and had no (really big) problems with it so far the only thing is that the support sucks.

(be glad its a 430, the 420 was even more crappier)
A pair of these airwalk trainers for cheap, £20 in fact. Probably knock off, but bloody comfy, by far the most comfy footwear i have ever had.
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Phenom II 940 3Ghz 6mb L3 Cache CPU
8 GB DDR3 Memory
I bought 2 CDs...
- Röyksopp - Junior
- Daft Punk - Daft Club
These two.
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Just got Xenon headlights and little blue LEDs to go under the door handles and illuminate the locks

That's just super R.I.C.E

At least it could be green :sadbanana

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