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Good luck! Smile
Yeah we hit 2 million registered users (including deleted accounts which are just an empty slot).

That was set as an arbitrary limit on the master.

There are many new demo accounts registered every day so that's how we reached 2 million.
Problem for new users registered this morning - now fixed
To any users who registered this morning but couldn't get online.

Sorry about that, we hit a limit on the master server.

We've fixed the issue and got your user names onto the server so you can now go online or unlock LFS.
Quote from PopnLochNessMonster :I actually liked the old track editor, and I'm frustrated with the new one. There are some changes to the new editor that I find very annoying. There are old habits that I have that worked with the old editor that doesn't work anymore.

As Racon said, please make sure you are on the R21 version. I'll try to answer your individual points below.

Quote from PopnLochNessMonster :First is the fact that when you place down an object, and you move your mouse to move the object, you don't have a preview of where the object is going to be anymore. If you don't have an object selected, that's when you get the preview of where to place an object. That used to be a feature in the old editor, gone in the new one.

The preview is still available.

If you placed the objects with the O key, as in the old editor, then the preview (for the next objects to be placed or where to move the current selected objects) is available just as it was in the old editor.

On the other hand if you placed the objects with CTRL+V then the preview isn't immediately visible but you can make it visible by pressing CTRL+C.

You can hide or show the preview for the selected objects at any time with CTRL+C.

Quote from PopnLochNessMonster :Another annoying fact with this new editor is that when you have an object selected (or many objects in some cases, which makes it even more annoying), and you hit space to clear the HUD, it deselects the objects you have. Thirty objects deselected instantly because I hit space to get a better view of the layout I'm making.

You can hold SHIFT to keep objects selected when exiting edit mode.

So for the case you are talking about that is now SHIFT+SPACE.
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Thanks! Got it. Smile
Quote from Racon :Would it be possible to have a key that would turn them off temporarily? I imagine that just while the key is pressed would be better than an on/off toggle, so it would be like when we use ctrl+alt to momentarily turn playernames into usernames. That'd be just enough for a quick visual check before we place, without hobbling the usefulness of the outlines.

I haven't thought much about this or tested it, but would CTRL+SHIFT be a good key for this?

As it is used in a few places to provide a temporarily different display.

Quote from Eclipsed :I see there's a new line in translations - "matching object". Not sure where and when the message comes,so before trying all variations,could someone explain how it's meant and when it's displayed?

The new "matching object" is similar to "intersecting object".

They are used with the strings "Can't add :" and "Can't move :".

It means the object is exactly the same as another object, so can't be placed.

In that case you would see "Can't add : matching object".
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R21 contains fixes, updates and rewritten instructions docs\Autocross.txt

Layout editor:

New layout editor instructions: docs\Autocross.txt
Improved UNDO and REDO - the selection is now correctly restored
Start position / checkpoints / finish line now in control section
FIX: Heading slider bar was not restored after a failed rotation
FIX: Zero diameter marshalls could be placed in the same position
FIX: Diameter stuck after adding a circle when diameter was zero


New value PMO_AVOID_CHECK for PMO_ADD_OBJECTS avoids validity check
"What is your setting for Full-scene antialiasing? (Options - Graphics)"
Quote from Pasci :It was at 16x. The issue exist also at 8x.

With 4x AF switching between off and on works without frame rate drop.

Thanks for the test.

I'm not sure if you did a typo there. Did you mean AA in the final sentence above? As in antialiasing, not anisotropic filtering?

Quote from Pasci :
By the way I DISABLED post processing and then I had the bad frame rate.

Yes, I noticed that. That's the reason for my question about AA. It's the only thing I can think of that should be better when you do switch ON postprocessing. Because in that case it uses 4xAA regardless of your setting.

The reason for that is, I believe 4xAA is the best result for the least minimal extra GPU usage. That's why mirrors and VR render target use 4xAA and that's why the postprocessing one does as well (as it was a quick add-on using some existing code). My understanding is the render target uses 4x the size of Z buffer when you use 4xAA. Higher AA settings use bigger and bigger Z buffer and it starts to become a memory access and processing issue. And regarding anisotropic filtering, higher AF settings cause the card to produce its own special anisotropic versions of textures in memory and the amount used is unpredictable (at least to me it is).

Quote from Pasci :I can not imagine that it is related to the vram. The graphics card has dedicated 4 GB of RAM. According to LFS, the textures memory usage is around 324 MB. There should be enough space/ram, right? I don't know if that so easy to compare. I don't understand enough about vram and usage. Smile

I am sure you have enough memory. But accessing so much of that memory and processing it every frame is always a problem, which is why half texture resolution can often give better frame rates. I'm not sure if AF (anisotropic filtering) setting should affect things differently in post processing or standard modes. But I must wait for your answer to that first question in this post. Smile
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What is your setting for Full-scene antialiasing? (Options - Graphics)

I am asking because when you enable the post-processing is uses 4x. I thought maybe if you had a higher setting there could be an issue with memory usage or similar. Could possibly be connected with AF as well?

So maybe try turning down AF and limit your AA to 4x.
Test Patch R20
R20 - LFS.exe and DCon :

InSim :

UCID can be set in some IS_AXM packets by an external InSim program
to make the resulting packets appear as if sent by an editing admin

Interface :

Command /axsel to copy layout editor selection text to clipboard
Updated translations with new URL for skin uploads
More updated translations - Thank you translators!
Offtopic posts moved to offtopic thread.

This is a minor update patch to help with the attacks we had recently. I've added a few compatible updates that make the patch a bit more interesting for some people.

I've got a lot of work I am involved in and want to get back to.

This is not a magic patch in which everyone's incompatible requests will be implemented.
Great, let us know how it goes!

I recommend test patch R19 as it's really stable.
Quote from sicotange :Selection changes (real and in hand) are not taken into account?

It doesn't remember the type of selection, it just does a default selection type.

I think the resulting selection after an undo is 'clipboard' if the original operation was adding objects, 'real' otherwise.

Do let me know if anything is confusing or seems wrong.

Quote from sicotange :The UCID is reported in case of PMO_TTC_SEL, PMO_SELECTION, PMO_POSITION but is always 0 in case of PMO_ADD_OBJECTS and PMO_DEL_OBJECTS. Is this intentional? It would be helpful to be able to set the UCID to know who requested the packet in question.

I'm not sure how to reproduce that.

If I join a local host and I send add or delete packets (by deleting or adding an object in the layout editor) my UCID is reported.
C to clear
R19 :

Layout editor :
Undo (CTRL+Z) and redo (CTRL+Y) functions now included

Interface :
Improved readability of the text for the /cp command

InSim :
Fixed an inaccuracy in the reporting of objects being deleted
Quote from sicotange :Unrelated to 0.6R18 but could be considered a small bug. When an object(s) flags (changing colour or angle of a Wedge object for example) are modified the pair of PMO_MOVE_MODIFY is sent. But the Flags byte in the ObjectInfo of both the PMO_DEL_OBJECTS and PMO_ADD_OBJECTS is identical. The PMO_DEL_OBJECTS should show the old Flags while PMO_ADD_OBJECTS should show the new Flags.

I've fixed this in R19 which I hope to release today.

Quote from sicotange :Introduced with 0.6R16. When you copy, the grey outline remains even when you change the object flags and heading. When you press PGUP/PGDOWN on the other hand the outline disappears. I suppose this is intentional?

Yes, after you adjust the height of the objects in hand they are no longer identifiable as copies of the original objects.

Quote from iceman121 :I'm really questioning myself why Scawen or any part of his developers added such a low character limit to the dcon's welcome.txt file.. (I know it's not from those patches)

It's just a short text that is sent in a single packet, which is limited by the current LFS packet system. The user doesn't usually have long to read it so it's supposed to be something really short they can read in a few seconds (I know it's sometimes longer if they are waiting for a track load and a lot of skin downloaded).

Quote from THE WIZARD DK :however. im a bit confused now about skie files.
do they stay dds now or will they go back to .RAW again ? it seems to me they change here and there over time so i kinda got a complete warehouse now with both .raws and .dds files. it would be great to finally be able to clean that up Smile

also small dds question ? which dds color the windmills and the windmills wings?
been searching for that file for a year now. so thought i finally give up and simply ask.
(kinda the only files i cant find) (is it the grunge file ?

We are finished with raw files now. I think the skies will be supplied as dds files like the other textures. It's probably best to keep the raws for now but when the official patch comes you can delete all the raw files in the pic folder.

The wind turbines at BL and SO use a texture called "windgen"

Quote from :There is this new command for putting the camera position onto the clipboard ( /cp ) ... Which is nice but what I came to think of it earlier today... In my opinion it is highly desirable to have some sort of same command but then to put the location of currently selected layout objects onto the clipboard.


Now what I would like to see is some comma separated list of currently selected objects which include at least the AXO number (object identifier), the X and Y location. Maybe in JSON format like denis-takumi mentioned in his intro.. Or.. Oldskool Excel CSV format would also be workable.

I think this could be quite easy to do. A command that pastes a load of text onto the clipboard representing the current selection.

I think it's mainly a matter of choosing the right format.

Maybe there would be a number on the first line then subsequent lines have one object per line.

Such as: (this is completely made up)

56634, 24234, 56, 23, 129, 30
9934, 63543, 23, 122, 23, 90
5356, -33432, 80, 85, 23, 23

(possibly with spaces instead of commas, even easier to write a text parser that way)

Or would it be better to be really binary, like this:


Quote from :One other thing... Has an undo move object function ever been considered?

I've done this in R19 which I hope to release this evening.

Quote from Aleksandr_124rus :a lot of suggestions

In some ways, I like your suggestions. It's the sort of thing I like to do but really you are talking about a track editor.

The concrete objects in the layout editor were really designed to allow people to build a bridge or make slight modifications so people could make tracks out of open configs.

Of course, people have taken it much further than it was ever intended and that is great. There's a line to be drawn between taking the layout editor further, and moving to a full track editor. Where that line is, I am not certain. But this is a compatible patch so new objects and different adjustments will not be added. The fine control you would like over pitch, width, etc, would require more bytes per object. The current objects are 8 bytes each - they are super compressed. It's a big change to do the things you are talking about, but this test patch is coming to an end so I can get back to the things I was working on before I was interrupted by the attacks. So it's really off topic and I'll move it to a separate thread.

One thing, as cargame mentioned, there is already CTRL+left mouse button rectangle select.
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Maybe the TCP packets are getting through but the UDP ones are not (they are used for the List of Hosts - and we don't know if you are having a problem with sending or receiving them - could be either).

What happens if you see the list of hosts at LFS World:

And you can try the "join" links or alternatively type the name into LFS in "Join Specific Host". This might give you more information.

I don't know why UDP packets wouldn't get through but it could be something to do with your ISP.
Quote from rc10racer :I'm sorry for going off topic but does lfs actually support ultra widescreen when in spectator mode as the black bars on the edge of the screen seems like it makes lfs feel old tech.

I don't know why, but some people find that option really hard to find.

Options... View... Full width external views
I've updated the description with the changes made over the past week.

One thing that isn't mentioned in the description is the new selection highlighting / guide lines which are very helpful for showing what is selected and for aligning concrete objects.

Interface :

Text message dialog now has variable width
A progress message is now displayed while converting textures
More updated translations - Thank you translators!

Layout editor :

FIX : Heading slider was not available in marshall mode
FIX : Top right and bottom right buttons sometimes overlapped

InSim :

New value PMO_MOVE_MODIFY sent in IS_AXM when adjusting objects
OK, I've found out the internal use of suppress_warnings isn't needed if there is a move_modify flag (because warnings about timing errors should be suppressed whenever objects are simply being moved/modified).

So what I've done is replaced the slightly unpredictable PMO_SUPPRESS_WARNINGS and instead there is a new flag PMO_MOVE_MODIFY with the same value.

It is now sent in both of the packets (add/delete) of a move/modify pair and in all cases when an object is conceptually moved or modified, including marshall object changes and when typing a start position index our a route checked index.
It looks simple to add a new flag in these cases, one that is ignored by LFS but should be output to InSim. It's easy for me to locate those cases where a modification or move is taking place (where it sends a delete immediately followed by add).

What exactly is it you would like? Something like PMO_MOVE_MODIFY (value 8) and that same flag would be placed in the delete packet and the add packet when they are being sent as a pair?

Is there any need to distinguish between (1) moving objects and (2) generally changing attributes like colour, size, etc? Or can they be treated all the same? There aren't all that many flags available in that byte so I only want to use up the minimum, but of course it should be as useful as possible.
R17: a quick update with a fix and an improvement for the new InSim packet.

New submode values added for IS_CIM modes CIM_NORMAL and CIM_GARAGE
FIX : IS_CIM was not output on local LFS while connected to a host
Quote from valiugera :I just wanna to see where i move the object when i select it before to press M.

OK, you don't want to know the reasons, so I'll just tell you the solution:

press CTRL+C after you have selected the objects.
We are getting very near to the end of this series of test patches now as I must get back to the real stuff I have been working until interrupted by the attacks.

Quote from DANIEL-CRO :Looks like IS_CIM packet isn't sent while online only in single player. Talking about LFS client to local InSim application.

I'll have a look at this, which is almost a bug, and see if I can implement those sub-mode states mentioned in your other post.

Quote from chucknorris :I'm actually quite happy with the new version, Thumbs up so I'm carefully raising my view to the horizon. Skins and PNG have been a recent thing, how about combining those two ? Wink

In the new graphics system that Eric is using to update the tracks, we have textures that use the alpha channel to control the shine level. So that would seem like a nice thing to consider on skins of the future but definitely not in this version.

Quote from valiugera :I still do not understand why after selecting an object that has already been placed I do not see where I move it with my hand. Confused

You can press CTRL+C if you want to copy the objects.

Why this is, I have tried to explain in a special thread: