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S2 Giveaway
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Quote from Popughini :I had progress on some Cruise servers and I have to give you so much explanation or be a cop

Back to the point...
Account sharing on LFS is strictly frowned upon as well.

And as Vim said it already - why do you have to create an account for your "friend" when he himself could clearly have done it himself?

Why do you have 5 licenced accounts as well? Seems fishy to me. Plus that it's been pointed out that Alpiso has been on cracked servers; it can't deny the fact that by doing that and not having good LFSW stats, even on merit Alpiso wouldn't fit the bill for this giveaway.
A week ago I cross with the user alpiso10 with the nickname: REDEXXtm: elpopu and that's your team name popughini, that account did not give it to you and all users of argentina know it,
s3 plsSmile
Quote from Popughini :So I'm going to beg for a license if I already have 4 S3 licenses.

omg this is so sadLooney
The winner this week is?
:nod:i would like to see what s2s like if thats alrightNod
Cool, I can have it Big grin?
Im in!
Hi I want a S2 please
MMm i mean i have s2 and i play almost daily, wouldn't mind an s3..i'm in
Im in...
S3 would be nice to see what Rockingham is like Smile
S1 ---> S2 I'm in! Big grin
I'm in. I'll very happy when i can drift on normal servers S2 not on demos Big grin
I want to join Smile
Can I win a s2 too? Frown
I need to race with my friends in some leagues helping my team getting points
I'm in please !
I'm in!
I'm in
bria2523 and juliian9929 are the lucky winners.
Congratulations with S2!

I've sent PM with vouchers to the winners.
Happy Easter!
Grats Carlos and Julian
I still trying win s2.... im in!
I want to win LFS S2 license...
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S2 Giveaway
(774 posts, closed, started )