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S2 Giveaway
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Count me in! Most demo servers are either full of some, rather interesting people, cheaters or just full because of the 12 car on track restriction. Also playing demo for 4 years is really, really boring and repetitive.
I'm in Wink I play with LFS demo since 2014, i hope i'll win a licence finally. I can't afford one Frown
Keep posting the comments, new giveaway the 12th this month (12.06.2017).
Since I haven't done these in a while, I'll be doing any license. Even if you don't have any license, I'll give you s3.
I am still in Smile
Im in.
Count me in.

I'm in! Big grin
I'm in!
Im in And good luck everyone
Why not give it a shot? I'm in! Big grin
I'm in.
Im in.
Quote from Willz12 :I am still in Smile

Nice and friendly guy, quite experienced at both gripping and drifting, he deserves it Smile
I'm out
I want Smile
Im in!!!! good race!!!
I'm in!
I would like to be part of the giveaway Smile
I want license too. Smile
Who is a winner?
My apologies, I forgot all about this. I'm also having my exams this week so I've been super busy.

Also, change in plans: I'm doing four winners instead of one. First one will be getting the S3, the rest will only have an s2. I'd just like to thank everyone participating in the giveaway, and I hope you're enjoying the game :-)

1st: Willz12 -s3
2nd: phobia_ -s2
3rd: Hansiscool -s2
4th: NikazzzLT -s2
im in
im still in Smile
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S2 Giveaway
(774 posts, closed, started )