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S2 Giveaway
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I'm a pro + rider and I would like to play with my friends s3
in 4 s3
Do any of you damn seagulls read? he gave it away already. Stop posting in here for the love of god.
Quote from MiniVan :Do any of you damn seagulls read? he gave it away already. Stop posting in here for the love of god.

There will be next giveaway for sure Tongue
Nice skin Big grin
any more license giving away
I'm in. ^_^
Sure, why not. I'm in Smile

Just started playing LFS a few days ago and my gosh it's amazing. Already bought a wheel, created a web based instrument cluster with the OutGauge API, and I'm soon to build a full simulator setup from scratch.

Best of luck to everyone!
im in i only have demo cuz i dont have money
I'm in! Count me!
I'm S2 licensed without many time to drive ... can you count me in the future giveaway for S3?
Many many thanks !!! Thumbs up
Hi, I'm definitely interested for the S2 license, count me in!

Thanks for doing this for the community, really appreciate it.
I would like to apply to win one of these giveaways, I feel deserving as my rep has been very stable, no cracked LFS background and definitely do not have any alternate accounts. I have been playing this game for a long time and still have never driven none of the non-demo cars. I'm really keen and will be sure to race them as much as possible.



P.S: I would like to also include MagicSupport in my give away aswell if possible, if that is not aloud, just ignore it, thank you.
Hi, I would love to join this giveaway. All the best for everyone!!!!
Hi, please count me in too..
Count me in! Most demo servers are either full of some, rather interesting people, cheaters or just full because of the 12 car on track restriction. Also playing demo for 4 years is really, really boring and repetitive.
I'm in Wink I play with LFS demo since 2014, i hope i'll win a licence finally. I can't afford one Frown
Keep posting the comments, new giveaway the 12th this month (12.06.2017).
Since I haven't done these in a while, I'll be doing any license. Even if you don't have any license, I'll give you s3.
I am still in Smile
Im in.
Count me in.

I'm in! Big grin
I'm in!
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S2 Giveaway
(810 posts, closed, started )