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S2 Giveaway
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I'm in!
I'm in!
I'm in too
I'm in!
im in too.

going for S5 as we already had the s4 Smile

I'm in! Ready for rockingham Big grin
please stop
s3 for a niceguy thanks Smile
New giveaway in a week from this post (12.11.2018).
Good luck!
Get me in
I’m in! Good luck everyone!
I'm in!
I'm in Smile
I've upgraded recently my rig and I'm rediscovering some sims after long time, looking forward to the next graphic update

I'm in
I'm in.
I am in!
I'm in.
I'm in.
Winner winner, chicken dinner!
Winner from this monday is _Vinicius_! Congratulations!

With nearly 37k driven kilometers in demo I'm suprised you lasted this long, enjoy S2.

I've sent intructions to your forum inbox.
Congratulations _Vinicius_ Smile
Congrat _Vinicius_
i need s2 pls

S2 Giveaway
(770 posts, started )