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S2 Giveaway
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I've upgraded recently my rig and I'm rediscovering some sims after long time, looking forward to the next graphic update

I'm in
I'm in.
I am in!
I'm in.
I'm in.
Winner winner, chicken dinner!
Winner from this monday is _Vinicius_! Congratulations!

With nearly 37k driven kilometers in demo I'm suprised you lasted this long, enjoy S2.

I've sent intructions to your forum inbox.
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Congrat _Vinicius_
i need s2 pls
Still In For S3
I'm in
Would love to get the license, i think I'll spend much more time in this game if i'd get it, not that I'm not spending a good deal of time right now Wink
I'm in it! Sign me up!
I'm in, I would be very happy to have S2!
Quote from Facu03 :I'm in.

giving my vote for this mate. Very nice friendly racer and bloody fast
Quote from lucaf :giving my vote for this mate. Very nice friendly racer and bloody fast

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Quote from demolicense :Lol it is real? What i need to do, just say im in? If yes, Im in.

Yeah, its real, and no, you don't qualify as you are hours old, and most likely an alternate-account of an existing licensed-user wishing to get a free upgrade for a spare account that would eventually be sold to someone for own benefit, and then be used, at some point, to troll or annoy people.

If otherwise, and you are indeed a new user,
Welcome, put some milage on and try joining this draw a couple months after.

This draw is meant to advance capable and worthy drivers wanting a new adventure, not just anyone.
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im out
How do i win the license , i'm so desparate to participate in races with faster cars , and all the other race tracks , but i cannot aford a license , i dont even have a credit card , so how do i win it ?
Judging by your online laptimes seems like you haven't even remotely reached the potential of the slower cars. Practice more and check again this thread when an active giveaway is there. Currently the guy throwing around licences is not active. Also - you might have very limited chances with 1 day old account,there are so many trolls around here,people might assume you're one of them too. Shrug
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Im out Smile

I've set up 4 new giveaways for mostly demo users to participate in. 1 per month from now to july.
With this, I wish everyone good luck with their chance on winning an S2 license!

Next giveaway: 12.04.2019

Also, since its been so long since the last one I've cleared out the document. We're starting fresh.
I am in too , I want to get an S2 license
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I am in Smile
I'm in Smile
Still in
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S2 Giveaway
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