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S2 Giveaway
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I've set up 4 new giveaways for mostly demo users to participate in. 1 per month from now to july.
With this, I wish everyone good luck with their chance on winning an S2 license!

Next giveaway: 12.04.2019

Also, since its been so long since the last one I've cleared out the document. We're starting fresh.
I am in too , I want to get an S2 license
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I am in Smile
I'm in Smile
Still in
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I'm in.
Still in
So... who got it? ( EDIT: Asking, because there is a chance someone, with reason or another, got a chance to buy one for him/herself before the draw, thus not giving clear "sight" )
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My bad, I've been fairly busy and haven't been prioritizing the LFS giveaway. A bit late but here it is.
I see some of you that already had S2 tried to join the giveaway, but unfortunately this one was just for demo users (demo to S2).

Quote from kristofferandersen :Giveaways are active again! Giving away S2 licenses to demo users.

Anyway, congratulations to ramblinman for winning last week's giveaway. I've sent the voucher code and how to redeem it in a private message. Happy racing, and happy easter everyone!

Good luck to everyone in the May giveaway. 12th of may.
Thank you so much for the opportunity Smile Good luck everyone
Thanks MR.KRISTOFFERANDERSEN For Those opportunities , Have A Good Luck
I am in , May 11 my birthday Smile
I think I have chances.
I am in
count me in!
Hello, my nickname GazON login 19hay99. I have been playing the game for a long time. I'm tired of bl1.I playing every day on [AA] racing gti and [nc] hot-lap servers
Please join me to giveaway to. My nickname GazON login 19hay99
I'm in!
When will the results be announced?
I'm in
I'm in a hurry, so i'll make it quick.
Winner: KevinRacer
I really cant actually tell how grateful i am ! Thank you very much kristofferandersen !!
I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity: D
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S2 Giveaway
(816 posts, closed, started )