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S2 Giveaway
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Thanks MR.KRISTOFFERANDERSEN For Those opportunities , Have A Good Luck
I am in , May 11 my birthday Smile
I think I have chances.
I am in
count me in!
Hello, my nickname GazON login 19hay99. I have been playing the game for a long time. I'm tired of bl1.I playing every day on [AA] racing gti and [nc] hot-lap servers
Please join me to giveaway to. My nickname GazON login 19hay99
I'm in!
When will the results be announced?
I'm in
I'm in a hurry, so i'll make it quick.
Winner: KevinRacer
I really cant actually tell how grateful i am ! Thank you very much kristofferandersen !!
I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity: D
S3 maybe started? (License fo my friend) Big grin
Why no? Count me, please
I am in.
count me in (i'm back after a short/long pause Big grin)

S2 Giveaway
(770 posts, started )