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S2 Giveaway
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I'm in
hi marc
Quote from kristofferandersen :Thought I'd maybe update this thread a bit. The journey has sadly come to an end and I won't be able to do these giveaways anymore, congrats to those that actually got a free license. For those that didn't win, its really not that much for 1 license Smile. Save up and get one! :^)

This thread can be locked now.

Thank you for giving licenses to people!

That is very kind and generous.

I will lock the thread now as you suggest now that the license giveaway is finished.

We are continuing to develop Live for Speed and are working hard on a graphical update at the moment. As always, everyone who has a license and also demo racers will benefit from the updates, on whichever content is accessible by their license.

We can't comment on when things will be ready but we obviously want it to be ready as soon as possible. There is quite a bit to be done by Eric to take advantage of the recent graphical updates and plenty more for me to continue working on. So we are working hard on that.

Thank you everyone for the continuing support!
I'm reopening this thread as I've been planning to do more of these.
Thank you for the kind words Scawen, I'm glad you guys still are updating LFS here and there, keep up the great work =D For a 16 year old game, its still pretty good.

As I mentioned above, I've been planning to host more of these giveaways. Next date for a giveaway is 12/02/2018 (this month). Go ahead and sign up and I'll pick a lucky winner in about 1 week. Good luck!
i'm in Smile
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Still in. Smile
Respect Kris! LFS Heart
Im in
that's kind of you kris Big grin
count me in Smile
I'm in too Thumbs up
i`m in je Big grin
Bumping this thread so more people sees it.
Drawing a winner in 2 days, good luck to everyone.
i'm in Smile

LFS S2 Big grin
I managed to get S1, am i ineligible now?
I'm in ,good luck racers
I think CyanOnur is still eligible... Maybe possible to get S3 then or something. (But ofc i`m not Kris.)
Good luck all! Very happy to see you back Kris Smile
Quote from CyanOnur :I managed to get S1, am i ineligible now?

Yes. This is how it works:
If you're demo, you can get S2. If you're S1, you can get an upgrade to S2. If you're S2, you can have an upgrade to S3.

Quote from PusicDrift :Good luck all! Very happy to see you back Kris Smile

Thanks! %FeelsGoodMan.
Im in Smile
Hello all im somehow back. And ill maybe try to win so im in and good luck everybody. Yall a really good ant nice community
i'm in. Smile
I'm in S2>S3
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S2 Giveaway
(810 posts, closed, started )