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S2 Giveaway
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Quote from Martizzz :Thank u really much kris i hope to see u on the servers and maybe play some time your a really kind person to do this Heart Big grinLFS

Thank you.
See you online Wink
Congrat #Martizzz
Gratz Martizz
in for s3 Smile
Have fun in the S2 Martizz
Thanks all ill definetlly will have fun
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Im in for S1
Im in
Yeah I can't afford it, my family is rather poor tbh... im running a windows vista computer and my fam could hardly afford the dfgt im using.. If the giveaway is active now, I'm in please... It would be great to have a break such as free s2, as it is in my country 24 pounds! but everywhere else 12 pounds :v Anyways, please read this if you can.
I read it. Not impressive. Here the race, "ride" can be in other games. Underground 2, TDU, Over9000etc.
Im in Smile
A little place for me for S3 ... Shrug
im in to upgrade s3.
i'm in Smile
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Ayoub2016 say: - "Im in".
Quote from =EL 34= :Ayoub2016 say: - "Im in".

He is in the giveaway, check the sheet document
i´m in
Explanation in first post.

Long story short, I'm going to the army next week and won't be able to afford these anymore. Don't give up hope, you can still afford it yourself. I'll be back with these in about a year (hopefully).

Thread closed, for now.
Giveaway has started again 28th of august

Its been 5 months since the last giveaway and I can't wait to start this up again. So basically, I got sent home from the army because of an illness that I have.

Now, over to the good stuff. On the 4th of september I'm going to draw a winner for full license.
Which means that no matter what license you are, if you're demo, s1 or s2. You will get S3.

Also, just going through my transaction history here on and i have spent a lot of money in LFS licenses. Oh well, lets keep going!

Good luck to all of you.
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am always in lol , thanks so much
I didn't know LFS-withdrawal was grounds to get out of the army! Welcome back fella Smile
I'm in S2>S3
I'm in Smile
I'm in

gl everyone
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S2 Giveaway
(810 posts, closed, started )