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Formula 1 Season 2014
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Got a pic of it

Except, in real life, a paint color separation doesn't magically create a radius on the surface beneath.

If you don't see it, what I mean is the photoshop is wrong and makes it look a lot better than it would.
Well, F1 needed more woman audience, so that "weird" shape on the front may be the reason. $$$

Seems as if the nose was melted by accident.....

....wait, it's meant to look like that!!!!!!
This is it, this is the year I stop watching F1. I actually got sick looking at that.
That is hideous
Penis nose seems like a good looking solution now
At least out of the 4 or so cars we've seen they all look immediately different.
That ferrari seems to have taken its areo ideas from this...

The Ferrari looks the best so far... Not saying it's nice, but million times better than the McLaren's penis solution.
Ferrari looks like an Anteater/vacuum and the rest like mankinis, oh well, but the "new wide" front wings looked like harvesters when they came.
F1 2014 is an epic!

just look!

Serious! xD
That Ferrari actually looks nice! I like that there's some more black added to the livery. It looks beautiful from the back! It looks even better seen from the top! It's a beautiful car!

....until I looked at the nose. What the ****! :vomit:
Mercedes preview shots suggest they went with a Ferrari style nose.
So we have the Penis nose, the Anteater nose, and the Vagina nose (that's not a nose).

Good job guys! F1 is so pretty now.
Ferrari nose.

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Formula 1 Season 2014
(1760 posts, closed, started )