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Formula 1 Season 2014
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no way, that cant be, isnt that nose way higher than the regulation?
That's just the livery on a GP2 car.
Quote from DeadWolfBones :That's just the livery on a GP2 car.

GP2 car looks different to me. There won't be new chassis for GP2 either.

I guess it is some kind of prototype nose of 2013 chassis, since car has #20 on it(in 2014 Caterham has #9 and #10).
#231 - CSF
That is there 2010 car isn't it?
that nose looks like a donkey's penis
Nooo why do you do this to me Sauber, there was me thinking we got the best looking car this year...
Genitals. Genitals everywhere.
Soooo Lotus clearly wins the rule interpretation contest so far.

I'm probably not the only one who has to explain the penises to coworkers & friends. Any tips ? When I try to do that the nicest conclusion I can come up with is that the ones who wrote the rule are dumb as shit compared to the ones drawing the cars.

How could they not see this coming? Especially after the stepped nose crap we had the last two years.
Toro Rosso:


I wonder what would happen if someone rams another car from behind
A GP2 car is born.
Best one yet.


Also, Red Bull.

EDIT 2 (no more please...):

Force India:

#244 - CSF
Force India goes for a mega dildo. Someone's getting a pounding with that.
Hi fellers, Anyone care to share a live timing link when possible today?
#246 - CSF

BBC sucks.... really, Scoreboards and timing plssssssss

Also, if anyone has times from last years preseason testing it would be bad bottom.
Oh god, these cars look like shit.

E: here's the RB10, it actually looks decent

Force India looks f*cking ridiculous

But as for the Mercedes and the Ferrari, IMO they look better than the penis-noses, that RB has managed to execute quite well
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Formula 1 Season 2014
(1760 posts, closed, started )