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Formula 1 Season 2013
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Quote :Who's where in 2014?
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo.
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.
Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.
Lotus: Maldonadon't and Grosjean (in other scenario, Lotus goes bankcrupt)
McLaren: Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen.
Sauber: Perez and Fabio Leimer
Force India: Hulkenberg and Sutil
Williams: Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas.
Toro Rosso: Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniil Kvyat.
Marussia: Jules Bianchi and Sirotkin
Caterham: Kovalainen and some GP2 driver (or they should retire from F-1

That's how I'd like to see it.
Quote from Hyperactive :Here are the predictions for the 2013 season. When the season ends I'll check them and announce winnars.

So here are the early results. Of course I have not yet checked them so I thought I post them first just in case there are tons of errors:

Most correct answers (out of 12)
Hyperactive 8
teppo.jr 8
Iginla 8
NotAnIllusion 7
Intrepid 7
CrAZySkyPimp 7
J@tko 6
BlueFlame 6
Hahmo 6
Flame CZE 6
Rappa Z 6
reason0809 6
oscarhardwick 6
Seb66 6
yegadoyai 6
JasonL220 6
SCA-F1 6
IsaacPrice 6
Stig209 5
S3ANPukekoh3 5
MoMo92i 5
el pibe 5
mythdat 4
PwrSlave 4
col 4
amp88 3
Kid222 3
DeadWolfBones 3

How close was the wdc winner total point guess:
IsaacPrice -91
J@tko -92
amp88 -93
PwrSlave -94
oscarhardwick -96
Flame CZE -97
NotAnIllusion -98
S3ANPukekoh3 -101
SCA-F1 -101
Iginla -103
Hyperactive -105
Hahmo -105
col -107
yegadoyai -107
el pibe -107
teppo.jr -112
Seb66 -112
BlueFlame -113
DeadWolfBones -116
JasonL220 -118
Rappa Z -119
MoMo92i -119
reason0809 -123
mythdat -124
Stig209 -127
Intrepid -139
CrAZySkyPimp -157
Kid222 -159

I just think it is plain hilarious the closest answer to seb's total points is still 91 points off .

Anyways, grats to me, Iginla and teppo.jr for getting most question right (8/12). And grats for IsaacPrice being closest with his wdc points winner guess with just 91 points off.
Quote from Bmxtwins :It actually closed the gap between Vettel and Webber. Giving Webber a shot...

Closed the gap from what it was yes but Webber's actual stop was even slower than the first one. So any advantage was lost because he had to stack behind.

Btw thanks for that Hyperactive.

If the Mclaren was actually competitive I'd say I'd have gotten more of the questions right then. :P
According to sport bild, Perez joins Hulkenberg at Force India
Cool Hyper, I hope Intrepid has one wrong answer more, he is breaking up our top-5 :ashamed:
It's like yesterday on podium interview when the Brazilian chick said to Webber "isn't he a real gentleman?" and pointed on Vettel. Dat Webber face when she said it
Quote from CrAZySkyPimp :Cool Hyper, I hope Intrepid has one wrong answer more, he is breaking up our top-5 :ashamed:

Only if Finland has become part of Sweden again.
Hulkenburg and Perez at Force india is a seriously good lineup for them.
Quote from Mustafur :Hulkenburg and Perez at Force india is a seriously good lineup for them.

Considering Hulk and Perez are teh two drivers in the whole field who could make a one stop work, I'd say it was a quality line-up.
Good to see Maldanado get the promotion he deserves.
Quote from BlueFlame :Considering Hulk and Perez are teh two drivers in the whole field who could make a one stop work, I'd say it was a quality line-up.

It's still possible he signs for Sauber
Webber on Vettel : Obviously phenomenally gifted. We know that his strength is qualifying and the first five laps of the race. That’s his signature punch.

I like his comments about starts. Though he's never ever been very good at them, its not just since 2011.
I recall one appalling start when he somehow put the Jag on the front row in Malaysia - 2nd to 9th or 10th.
Yeah 04. There were others in that era too.
08 Silverstone too. But he didn't really try to make an excuse, when it was harder to make a good start for whatever reason, he usually was the guy who struggled- I think that was pretty much what he was trying to say. Afterall it's not like it's something you can really practice, I'd imagine it's 1 of the few things in a racing car where nerves actually effect you, seeing as you arent at racing speed yet etc. In general I thought all the answers he gave pretty much summed him up, straight to the point and no bullshit, but didn't sound like a bitter guy at all. Was good to see :P
More about Mark Webber on his starts...

Quote from FIA Thursday press conference - Brazil
Quote :Q: (Marc Surer - Sky Germany) Mark, you must be very pleased next year that there are no standing starts any more for you. I hardly remember a perfect start from you. Can you explain us what is so difficult about starting a modern Formula One car?
Austin was very good. Austin was a great start. Austin was a good start.

Q: Sadly the Frenchman behind you got a better start.
That’s right. I think that my reaction... first of all, we are not completely in a position like Ferrari with their clutches. We know they have a very very good start system so they’re stronger than us on the initial...
FM: If you want we can change the downforce...
MW: So yeah, our initial starts, the initial part has not always been consistent and then I think my reaction to this inconsistency is not as good as it could be. So when you go for the second lever, when you go for the KERS, when you go for the slip control, especially on the Pirellis... with the Bridgestones, you could slip the tyre a little bit more and you get no penalty. With the Pirellis, you slip the tyre a little bit and you lose time so I think that... We’ve never seen Sebastian go through the row in front either. We’re either holding position or losing and Seb has got the starts just OK because I think he can manage some of the problems but for me, it has not, particularly in the last few years. The Bridgestone years we were fine, 2010 was actually pretty good but in the last few years it has not been our strength and it has not been a strength of mine. But I enjoy the starts. I’m relaxed on the grid, I could sing a song to the guys, it’s not something which... when the lights are on, it’s a great part of the Grand Prix but of course, it’s a part of the weekend that, if you look at Austin, it’s a big part of the weekend that needs to... Maybe I should have done ‘bike racing because in ‘bike racing you can overtake but in Formula One now, it’s less easy to recover because in traffic with the tyres, blah blah blah it’s a big part.

If its a choice between signing someone with talent who has no money and having problems only making the grid, and signing someone with talent, who is prickly as ****, but brings big cash to ensure they are on the grid, then there is only one option. It's the same one I would have made.

Formula 1 Season 2013
(1242 posts, started )