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Completely unrelevant to all the early access bugs that people are posting in this thread instead of going to one of these purpose built 4 sub forums : troubleshooting-workarounds, physics-bugs-issues, audio-bugs-issues, controllers-and-peripherals-bugs-issues I'm impressed by a way the brakes are modeled in AC.

Since there isn't an infinite amount of brake pads and disks on your disposal you're not able to adjust brake force in Nm in such a LFS fashion. All of a sudden oh no, not again Niki's brakes on endurance setups rings the bell. You're in for a ride to modulate brake pressure applied as you approach the corner and there's no 2 ways about it. Feels really good and very realistic.
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So after some frustrating attemps doing some races I now understand why the only thing I do in racing sims is hot lapping:

AI: Unless they simulate human reaction times, it will always be wrong. It's amazing how the recover control of their cars steering from lock to lock 5 times in a fraction of a second. And just like in 20 years old games, nothing happens when you bang them, but if they touch you slightly you will get in a uncontrolled slide that will cost you the race.

Online: I have lost hope in human race so no comments about online racing.

Yes, I will keep hotlapping
Ummm, no, good online race/legue is where it's at, nothing even comes close to it, otherwise you might aswell be playing NFS..
The latest patch has really ****ed the game up! Vallengua Club track now has an invisible wall and loads of other issues, i just think there trying to rush patches out now so they can keep with there promise they mad of a major patch every 2 weeks?
ye,and they never check any of the updates. just throw it out and see what happens kinda thing
They could've polish that a bit more before putting it out in public
how d fak u go to race after qual? this game ffffffffffkkkkin annoying me lately
Is it just me or when you brake the Huayra it goes side to side?
Most of the cars jiggle a bit when you brake on the limit. The tires are using most of the available grip to slow the car, so directional stability suffer.
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Dear followers,

every year 25th April is celebrated as the Liberation Day in Italy. This day marks the end of fascist regime after the end of the Second World War in 1945, and the day commemorates the people who laid down their lives fighting the fascism.
25th April is a public holiday in Italy. There are robust celebrations around the country to commemorate this day. Large processions are taken out in major parts of the country, and a general sense of celebration and bonhomie is prevalent throughout Italy on this day.

The next update of Assetto Corsa Early Access will include the multiplayer mode and was previously scheduled for tomorrow's release; our work in the last two months has been strongly focused to complete and deliver this feature properly. We have also made investments to set several free public servers for our users and a proper lobby for servers created by, users, leagues, simracing websites and so on. However, due to the 25th April celebration, we might have some issues to get the best possible support from our italian based server provider, right at launch day.

Multiplayer is one of the most awaited features for a lot of simracing enthusiasts, but in order to properly test in public the multiplayer mode, we need to get the best technical support possible; for this reason, and also in order to improve multiplayer functionalities and to develop some additional features, tomorrow's release has been shifted to Friday 2nd, May. This delay will allow us to release the multiplayer in a working day, getting fast and proper support by our provider, if needed. We are pretty sure you understand that we are working at our best to provide the best gaming experience we can. Thank you for your kind support and attention.

Oh the shitstorm they will receive for postponing the MP.... Poor guys...
AC rage train is ready! CHOO CHOO
Quote from atledreier :Oh the shitstorm they will receive for postponing the MP.... Poor guys...

What poor guys?

I'm happy, couldn't be better... Absolutely zero time tomorrow and Saturday. We have our national celebrations as well here

Week after that, brilliant.
But 2nd of May is also public holiday here in Italy
Lol the reason is so bullshit it's funny, why not say it simple and say they need more time to finnish it? ;p Jeez, nevertheless it don't botter me at all - as long as it's not early 2009 type of delay.
Perfect. I'm having a day off at the 2nd. Didn't really know why, but now I have a reason
This is gonna be good.
So excited for it, I really need to get hyped up a bit more though. Somehow the iRacing build worked me up more than this. We'll see next week, I signed up for the event.
Inb4 shittiest MP ever!! They've rushed the last few patches, so will be interesting to see what they've done with MP
So how exactly will this work, can people/teams, have their own dedicated servers like in LFS?
Yay, just ordered my new motherboard, to house my new GFX card ( as the crap HP motherboard I have doesn't like it ) so hopefully by Sunday, I will be trying out AC for the first time...and the way things are looking, what a time to join.

Get a week to practice before MP get's released


Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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