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ive re-uploaded all of mine now to the same place..

Rather than keep making folders, i will follow suit and just put all my skins into this one thread.

All my skins come complete with as near to original preview layout as possible and with a basic livery logo.

Ferrari F40 - Monte Shell

Download Here

Ferrari F40 - Ennea Brummel (Credit to NWRAP-ESP for some logos, you can find his version here.

Download Here ... 46989wx/Ennea_Brummel.rar

Ferrari F40 - LM Street

Download Here ... puclvr9f99v/LM_Street.rar

Ferrari F40 - Carbon Edition

Download Here

Ferrari F40 - Yellow

Download Here ... gbdnzw9bov7f2/4yellow.rar

Ferrari F40 - Yellow / Black

Download Here ... d17u42x/4yellow_black.rar

Ferrari F40 - Igol Lubrications

Download Here

Ferrari 599XX Evo - Taisan Racing

Download Here
How big is the skins? Would it be possible to put them all in one winrar file? If not, superb reupload
they are about 4mb each, i leave them separate in case i want to change part of the skin i can do so without messing with the others.
Sounds reasonable Thanks! Love the yellow/white ferrari!
Nice drift there!
Iv just didt 55.3 f40/imola

btw. what program do u guys using for recording/cuting videos ?
Fraps dsnt work for me,dont know why.Any better sugesstions?
Dxtory and movie maker
I used Fraps and Vegas.
oh snap
Guess I'm switching main car then
I am really surprised how my pc rig handles AC while recording it. Basically 60fps all the time locked, of course some freezes occur, but I bet it's because of RAM (4GB) and space in my HDD. Well, anyways, as long I am able to capture AC action, I really looking forward to AC video projects that I can create.
If anyone wants to test drive the setup, found it on AC forums, managed 1:43.428, i have half a second maybe more.. but honestly don't see how 41 or 40 is possible, without going off the track with 4 wheels..

It goes in my documents/user/assetto corsa/setups/tatusfa1/imola.
Attached files
F_Abarth_Imola_Q.rar - 427 B - 62 views
whatever i do it seems like there is always 1 sec left till wrs... mouse powa?
Your rev LEDs are going the wrong way.
Quote from Bose321 :Your rev LEDs are going the wrong way.

Not mine, just saw the time :P I noticed that aswell, hardly goes into 6th gear either?
NOT extending the track, a lap time that's valid by RSR, 2 wheels on track all the time..
You wouldnt be able to drive like that at imola anymore, it would of invalidated his lap twice.
Exactly, but still there's a time on RSR in low 40, and about a dozen in 41.. either found a way to trick the app, or that good.
4:56.0 in the Tatuus, I'm not capable of going much faster. One or two mistakes and slightly early braking for the hairpins at the end, could perhaps do 52/53 on a perfect run. ... UUE1NUm8/edit?usp=sharing

Also 5:50 the Xbow, careless out of the tight hairpin mid-way through, but a great fun car for Joux Plane, lots of grunt up the hills. ... 1aEN6SFk/edit?usp=sharing

Yes Boris, replay files (they go in the docs/Assett../replay folder). Watch them or do not

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8882 posts, started )