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UK LFS Karting 2006 - Details
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UK LFS Karting 2006 - Details
Okay guys, this is the thread where it becomes official. YAY! This year we've had a lot of interest again, partly from people who missed out last year and partly from those who came last year and loved it. If you didn't hear about last years event do a search and you'll see how much fun we had...

Date: 1st July 2006
Time: Briefing at 12pm (midday ), get there a bit earlier if you like, but NOT later.
The start time has changed to midday, so it is imperative that you get to the track for 11:45 at the LATEST. Failure to attend the briefing may mean you cannot take part.

Location: Multimap
Whilton Mill Ltd,
Whilton Locks,
Nr. Daventry,
NN11 5NH.

Cost: £185 per team. A team will consist of 3 people. Thus individuals have to pay £61.67 each. Sorry it's gone up a bit on initial estimates, but that is estimating for you. This is only £1 more than last year, for better karts, more track time, and outdoor too, rather than a grotty indoor circuit, so in terms of value for money this is a massive improvement.

Format: 30 minutes practice, 10 minutes for each driver, followed by a 2 hour race, with appropriate driver changes.

Deposits: We need £20 from each confirmed driver, and this needs to be in by the end of May I think, maybe the first week of June if I'm a bit rude. Cheques to be made payable to Whilton Mill Ltd NOT to me.

Availability: 16 team maximum - that's 48 drivers in all.

Confirmed Drivers/Teams:
I will list people here, with confirmed 'teams' at the top and single drivers below. Single drivers will have to triple up with other single drivers for the event to form a team, so don't worry about signing up if you have no one to be with. Perhaps we can interest the devs in coming, see if they can better 3rd place this year. I'd guess the update tyre and aero physics will give them an advantage.

It would be helpful if you post which team you want to be in, and who with, so I can do it without reading a million posts each time.

Ayrton Senna 87 (CONFIRMED, but no cheque yet )

alexmason (CONFIRMED)

3. 4Sight Racing
Snewham (CONFIRMED, though I don't remember reading the confirmation)
AndyC (Any word from him recently?)

4. vMax Racing I

5. vMax Racing II

6. Triple 7 Racing
Danowat (CONFIRMED, whether he likes it or not)
Shifty (CONFIRMED, but I don't remember him saying anything in either thread.)

7. dSRC

8. Sonic Realms Racing

9. Some Mongrel mix of T7R and Team.X
Clownpaint (CONFIRMED)

10. The Young Ones

11. Anttt69's Team



Entertainer/Camerman/Golden Oldie

Total Number of Confirmed Drivers: 28/48.
Minimum number of TEAMS required for the event to go ahead as above: 10
In the event we do not make the numbers we will have to come up with a contingency plan.

Deposits Recieved, and Total Value
20 = £280 (and no one has made it out to me yet, so well done! )

Last year a lot of people used this one - Ibis Hotels
A bit of googling turned up this, this and this

Night Life: We need somewhere to drown our sorrows afterwards (and talk about Saubers), so we'll try and get a bit of info here. There is also a good chance that we'll meet here earlier in the day for people who want a full day out, before going to the track around midday. Northampton train station is nearby, so it's very likely we can pick people up from there if required (though I can only do one person at a time).

Meeting Place: Will has suggested we meet in the same place, but this might change if we get a better option. Around 10am onwards I guess. They serve food from 12 - 3.
Note: No alcohol BEFORE karting.

Thomas a Becket - multimap
01604 751177
52 St James Rd

To sign up, post your interest (I will edit this periodically). I'll PM you my details regarding cheques, as it's easier if one person sends lots than lots of people send one. I will mark you down as paid when I recieve your cheque, but there's no urgent rush about paying just yet.

This thread isn't for generally karting chat, but for arranging details and asking questions specifically about the day. The general chat thread can be found HERE

Hope to see you there, and I wish you the best of luck.

Please note: There will be a LOT of people signing up to this, more than I can keep track of on a forum (even with my posting habits). So if you want my address to post the cheque to (not made out to me, I must stress that), then please PM me. Without a PM it is likely I will miss you out for too long, and you're place may be at risk.

Sadly Victor has informed me that neither Scawen, Eric or himself will be coming to the event this year. No reason was given, so it's either too much work, or they're still upset at seeing how ugly we are in real life. However, it can still be a great event - the devs were, duting most of the day, just other LFSers, and not the only reason it was a massive success. So keep on coming, and make the devs regret their decision.
#2 - Smax
Right I'm prepared to commit to filming it,editing the footage and producing a DVD which I will distribute for the cost of a disc and the postage. I'll also provide stills and have a night on the town with everyone. I will not be karting myself, and may need a lift from Northampton station, depending on whether or not I can con a mate into coming to hold another camera.

I may be able to get access to a "bullet cam" which could be used to shoot onboard footage from the kart itself. However most racing circuit owners get a little antsy when people mention such things, so could Aryton [who I understand knows the circuit owner] please sound him out about the use of one on his circuit.

The bullet cam is around the size of a mini maglite and plugs into a standard DV camcorder which records the footage and the sound.
What we normally do is put the DV camcorder in a car's footwell, however in the case of karting we might have to look at having the driver wear a rucksack with containing the camcorder instead. The bullet cam has to connect to the standard camcorder with a cable. I suspect that taping the cable along the kart safely and out of the driver's way would be the limiting factor.

Given that I'll be there but not driving I wonder if Tristan/Aryton could find out if I'll get charged on the gate or something?
A rucksack wouldn't be safe. In the event of a roll a kart does not have a roll cage ... this is because of the update physics patch: The driver leaves the kart and continues on foot until forward velocity is expelled.

You would have to attach the camera entirely to the kart or an adapted helmet. If you could mount it on the nassau panel you'd be in luck.
#4 - Smax
Quote from Becky Rose :A rucksack wouldn't be safe. In the event of a roll a kart does not have a roll cage ... this is because of the update physics patch: The driver leaves the kart and continues on foot until forward velocity is expelled.

You would have to attach the camera entirely to the kart or an adapted helmet. If you could mount it on the nassau panel you'd be in luck.

So we have to sign up in this thread too?

Ok, im in.
Smax, u would not be charged at the gate, and it would be great to have a DVD recorded. do u do this sort of thing for a living? We will need more than 1 camera, which is where fordie comes in, and it would be very nice to have 3.

Smax, if u arrive a bit early i can get u together with the circuit owner and discuss the best/safest places to film. it would be good to have a wide variety of shots. Ill have a word with Dan (the guy in charge) about onboard cameras. as u might know we had one last year but we put the computer in the wrong place so we didnt get good footage. and it had no sound.

If you PM tristan he can send you his address and contact details so you can send the £20 deposit to him. Post in this thread too

pls be reminded that this isnt a discussion thread. last years 'official no discussion' thread got to around 14 pages i think
I so wanna say yes yes yes, count me in too . . . Bu tI can't commit until I know what I'm working, which could well be the week before . . DOH.

But If I ain't working I might just come up and have a butchers at everyone and put faces to 'nicks'. Got family up in Northhampton anyhow.

So keep us posted about a meeting point and you never know, you might see a Funnybear up there too. And see why his full nick (Funnylookingteddybear) is a little more apt . . . lol
I'M IN!!

we need to do it by team so that we know who's who. So from now on post your name and your team:

snewham: 4sight racing
#9 - Djbob
I would like to join in - can I be in a good team please?
:doh: y do i have to live in the U.S.?

like i said in the other thread, can it get videoed....alot?
#11 - Smax I don't do this sort of thing for a living yet

I have a BA Hons in Design for digital media :- think digital graphic design with photography and film thrown in...or at least I will have my BA by next Friday....

Vidoe cameras wise I may be able to provide up to 3, the more folk who can bring one the better, if they don't mind giving me the tapes I'll edit it all up and burn it no problem.

I use a Canon 350D 8mp SLR still camera which gives me a semi-pro result, but it does have a point and shoot mode. Anyone's welcome to steal it off me and take some shots with it, since I only have two hands
Im in, maybe if they dont object i could team up with any vmax people.
smax, i used to have a 10d, but had to sell it as i needed the cash, also had a rebel2000 35mm. if i can make it, id be more than willing to take some pics.

last time was good, you lot are a very commpetative lot, and i had a good ride to and from there.
wont be racing, but i might be able to turn up....might even bring my pom-poms and cheer for one fo you lucky guys, lol...
Put my name down (real or otherwise).

Edit: hotel room reserved.
all booked into the ibis (better then leaving it 2 weeks before like last year and ending up in the middle of nowhere).

i assume the track takes debit/credit cards? (dont really want to carry *too* much cash )
i dont think they do take cards. im not sure... although u will only need to take £40 cash for the karting. nothing to worry about.
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I would be in guys, but a lack of a partner and some recent events regarding LFS have severely upset me and I'm considering my LFS future.

Hope you have a great time and I'm gutted I won't becoming as I want/wanted to play an active role in this community.
Scrub that :P

Looks like me and the girlfriend may make a weekend out of it...and she can drive!

I'll let you know in the next couple of days...put me down as unconfirmed
Mate...what karts are you gonna use and is it on the arrive and drive circuit of the full MSA one? I love the full circuit and could do with a practice, cause I'm gonna do a Club100 endurance there on Sept 2nd

Could be persuaded to join you all if I can be part of the karting1 team LOL I'll bring my RedBull suit and everything Haha
we are using the MSA one, twin engine pro karts. and it would be nice to have u along, we have a TV star coming lol!
Ah what the hell...go on I'll come Will be interesting to see if I can get the Pros to go full throttle through the first two corners :P I'll sort out some kind of conformation tomorrow evening when I get a chance to find my chequebook and have finished earning the money to pay for it (2-9pm at Starbucks tomorrow :P) I'll probably just become a moving target for everyone to try and take off but what have I got to lose apart from my repuation and life! Haha.

Whilton is also my nearest MSA track so it'll only take me 40mins to get there
1st 2 corners are flat out on a good day will certainly be a place to watch if u wanna see people get it wrong!
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I'm afraid I just can't make it this year guys
Quote from ayrton senna 87 :Team Dev (If they are intrested again/not busy this year):

you forgot Eric!
I will be there to hold Bogeys hand and maybe hold his pint while he is racing...probably wont be karting though, as my back wont take that sort of punishment any more
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UK LFS Karting 2006 - Details
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