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Cool, grats!
Grats Karl Raudsepp and his Erki Racing Team with 7th place in overall standings in todays Omnitel 1000km race!
Quote from TexasLTU :Grats Karl Raudsepp and his Erki Racing Team with 7th place in overall standings in todays Omnitel 1000km race!

And second in A2000 class!

We approve this result
Yeeeah, Karl - well done, mate. :monkey:
Nice one, gj.

It's no secret that Christian Kistner is one of the most innovative and most talented skin designers within Live For Speed. We are very honored to have him design our new team skin. Words are superfluous - we'll let the picture speak for itself.

A huge thanks to Kiste for the skin - check out his Master Skinnerz Garage to see more of his brilliant work. Also big thanks to Gerben Bol (Bose) for the sexy render - and to our sponsors for their help and support.
Damn, Kiste surprises me again. So much sexier skin than previous one. That's for sure. All hail to Kiste
Great skins you have there!
MMmm looks good!
Faptastic skins guys.
very nice
Looks yummy
I'm officially jealous now.
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Bergewing and Blixt team up with SAVAGE SimSports

We are happy to announce the arrival of our two newest drivers, Simon “simme181” Bergewing and Erik “mblixt” Blixt.

Erik and Simon know each other well from real life. They both hail from Örebro in Sweden and are both 17 years old. Even though Erik is young, he’s an old-timer in Live For Speed terms, as he has been active here since 2004. Simon has been here for around four years. Despite having driven LFS for a long time, neither of them have any experience with competitive racing in Live For Speed. But as they were looking to get involved in serious sim-racing, especially endurance racing, we felt it was a natural choice to team up, as our main focus is on endurance racing as well.

When Simon and Erik aren’t racing in LFS, they are both busy with their real life racing. Simon has been karting for around nine years, before he started driving Radicals. He is now participating in the Swedish Radical Elite Series, which is a support class for the TTA Series. Simon’s big dream is to get to drive endurance races in real life. To find out more about his racing career, visit his website - - and also check out his YouTube for some onboard Radical goodness.

Just like Simon, Erik also started out with karting. After spending eight years with karts, Erik got into Mazda MX5 racing. He is currently driving his first season of the Swedish MX5 Cup. Erik also hopes to get involved in endurance racing at some point, though his current priority is to just have fun with it and to see where it will take him in the future. Check out Erik’s YouTube to see what MX5 racing is all about.

Welcome to the family, guys.

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Very very good new members. SAVAGE is going to improve a lot, keep it up guys!
Welcome dudes! :elefant:
Thank you guys! It feels like the right team for me to be in!
Welcome to the team guys! :lfs:
grats. erik is a fast guy
Welcome Guys
Good luck guys.

Our new logo design.
Ooo thats nice!

SAVAGE SimSports
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