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The Beginning

SAVAGE SimSports is a competitive sim-racing team. The team is based on the online racing simulator ‘Live For Speed’. The idea behind the team was to create a friendly and constructive environment for our members to benefit from, while learning and evolving both individually and as a team. The social aspect of the team is valued very highly as we consider ourselves to be like a small family.

The team was originally named SE Racing and was founded by Thomas Lönn and Magnus Björndal. It all started back in December 2010 when four Swedes decided to team up and participate together in a 24 hour one-off event. Because all of them were driving for other teams at that point and time, this was only meant to be a temporary solution. But it turned out to be the stepping stone to the birth of a new permanent team.

After successfully having participated in the event, Thomas Lönn and Magnus Björndal continued in their respective teams. But it didn’t take long for them to realise that they wanted to get back together and start putting together their own team. Along with fellow Swede Rickard Gustafsson, Magnus and Thomas established SE Racing - the abbreviation of both Sony Ericsson and Sweden.

Up until August 2011 the team had only consisted of drivers of Swedish origin. But on August 4th they recruited their first non-Swedish drivers, both hailing from Denmark. This became the turning point in the development of what would soon become SAVAGE SimSports.

The Birth of SAVAGE SimSports

After the arrival of the two new drivers, the team underwent some major administrative and structural changes. It was clear that the team was evolving day by day and with the team turning into an multinational sim-racing team, the SE Racing name was no longer suitable. On October 14th 2011, just shy of the annual 16 Hour race by Racing Minds, SAVAGE SimSports was officially announced.

The Racing Minds 16H race was our first official race and it turned out to be one of our strongest performances in the history of the team, finishing 2nd in the GT2 class. This exceeded everything we could have hoped for and it left everyone feeling confident that we were on the right path to building a solid team. Following the successful debut of our new name, we have continued to compete in several prestigious leagues and races in Live For Speed, including the GT2 World Series, Super GT Series, LFSCART and the annual Masters of Endurance 24H race among others.

The team has been growing steadily ever since and we are now housing drivers from both Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Canada and the Czech Republic. We are ranging between age 17 and age 41. Some members have lots of experience, having competed in several official leagues and races, while others have very little experience.

Future Goals and Expectations

SAVAGE SimSports will most likely never be the team to beat - but we will always strive to stay competitive and do our best to contribute with close and fair racing. So far, we believe we have succeeded in bringing our original idea of creating a friendly and constructive environment to life. However, we are still improving and learning new things as a team - and hopefully we will continue to evolve and progress in the future.

If you have any inquiries or questions, please visit the contact page.


Jared "jmeade" Meade
Martin "Flame CZE" Kapal
Karl "TypeRacing" Raudsepp
Kai "pantiainen" Puro
Juho "deCesaris" Räsänen
Roland "Töki (HUN)" Osza
Jūris "jurisltu" Marcinkevičius
Magnus "turbofreak" Björndal
Erik "mblixt" Blixt

For information about our team, please visit our website:
SAVAGE SimSports
Racing Minds 16 Hour Race
Racing Minds 16 Hour Race

The most anticipated endurance race of Live For Speed was held this weekend. This was the fifth edition of the annual Racing Minds 16 hour race.

It was the first race for the team under the SAVAGE SimSports tag, so it was crucial for us to put in a strong effort and leave our opponents with a good first hand impression. We entered with a XR2 in the GT2 class.

Magnus Björndal drove the qualification session and after an impressive performance he qualified second with a lap time of 3.34.70, with the heavily favored team of LowLandLions being only two tenths faster, taking pole position.

Magnus was also the driver set to start off the race, doing the first two stints. The green flag was waved and the race was on. We got off to a good start and Magnus and LowLandLions quickly pulled out a rather significant gap to the rest of the cars in the class. After a few lap it was clear that we were lacking top-speed compared to the LLL car, due to higher downforce settings. However, Magnus showed no mercy and was glued to the rear of the LowLandLions car and with around 10 minutes left in his first stint, he bravely overtook LowLandLions, putting SAVAGE SimSports in the lead of the GT2 class.

At the two hour mark Rickard Gustafsson took over the car, still leading our class. It was clear that the drivers of LowLandLions were faster than most of our drivers. Late in the third hour LLL showed why they were the favorites to take the win in this race and passed Rickard. But pace isn't everything, you can go a long with consistency. And that came to show when the LLL went off track in T1 and got stuck in the gravel. Rickard passed them and SAVAGE SimSports was back into the lead.

When Ditlev Errebo took over the car, we were almost 50 seconds ahead of LowLandLions. Even though Ditlev put in a solid performance, LLL regained the lead late in the 6th hour. But with LLL only being 8 seconds ahead of us, we still felt quite confident that we could still take the win.

Thomas Lönn was the fourth driver in our car, only doing a single stint. Unfortunately we were unlucky and Thomas suffered from engine-damage and struggled with the car throughout his whole stint, doing whatever he could to keep up, but causing him to lose a substantial amount of time.
When Magnus Björndal got back in the car, we decided to accept the +1 lap penalty for rejoining the race to get our engine-damage fixed. This would obviously put us even further behind, but we really had no choice. Luckily Magnus put in another great performance and decreased the gap significantly, however the chances of taking the win were still looking bleek.

During the late night and early morning stints both Magnus, Ditlev and Rickard put in great efforts trying to regain our lost time. During the 12th hour of the race, Rickard unfortunately slipped and missed the apex of the chicane and hit the opposing wall. This lead to an extra pitstop, again costing us some valuable time. At this point we realized that our chances of winning the race was pretty much non-existent, unless LowLandLions had a disconnect or major damage.

Now it was all about keeping the second place. The Serbian Racing Team, the car behind us, was still far behind, so we felt very comfortable about the situation still. When we crossed the finish line and the checkered flag was waved, we were still placed second, one lap down from LowLandLions and two laps ahead of The Serbian Racing Team.

We are very happy about our performance and result here, we achieved our goal of ending in the top3, so a strong second place was very satisfying. Hopefully we will be able to win next year.

A huge thanks to the organizors from Racing Minds, Tommy Østgaard for the livestream and to Björn Schenke (aka. b0rn) from Team Evo for making our 16H car skin. And of course a big thanks to all the participants.
Good performance, grats!
#7 - Hahmo
Yeah, impressive stuff shown already! Grats and good luck for the future!
Great start, keep going Mange and others.
Great result from you, grats.
Well done, grats!
An update from the SAVAGEs
An update from the SAVAGEs

October was a busy month for SAVAGE SimSports. We attented both the ALTERNATE 24H (8th), the 4th round of the GT2 World Series (12th) and the Racing Minds 16H (2nd) - a total of 43 hours of pure racing.

The last round of the GT2 World Series was held this saturday but unfortunately we had to skip the finale of the series, due to lack of available drivers. We were all a bit gutted about having to skip it, since we have been attending every other round and really enjoyed racing in the series. A big thank you to all the organizers involved aswell as all the teams participating. And of course a congratulations to My3id on the victory.

Off to a strong start...

On Sunday, November 6th it was time for the opening round of the brand new Super GT Series. Unlike the events that SAVAGE SimSports has been attending lately, this series offers shorter but more actionpacked races. The first round offered 34 laps on the british track of Aston Grand Prix. Another new element here was the wind conditions. Prior to every round a random number will be drawn. If the number is even, there will be no wind and if it is odd, the wind conditions will be set to low. Two classes are being used in the series - GT500 and GT300.
Great report again fellas! Really good performance recently, keep going
Jesse Telkkälä signs with SAVAGE SimSports
Jesse Telkkälä signs with SAVAGE SimSports

We are proud to welcome our first finnish driver to the team. Jesse is a 14-year old student who has previously raced in GTAL, LFSCART Light, Mini FBM, RACCAR, Baby UFR League, GT3 Touring Car Championship and LFS Super GT Series. So even when considering his young age, he has already gained a lot of experience.

A few words from Jesse himself:
“My name is Jesse Telkkälä, I’m a 14-year old boy living in Central Finland. I obviously play Live For Speed and in my spare time I’m a quite active playing football, as that is one of my biggest interests besides motorsport.
I’m very proud to be a part of this team. I have had already great moments with these guys and I really want to help the team grow stronger. I am sure that my skills will improve greatly in my new surroundings.”

Jesse will already be representing SAVAGE SimSports on November 20th, in the second round of the Super GT Series. We are very excited about this and we are absolutely positive that Jesse will do us proud.
Grats Jesse! I hope you have found a nice team now.
Best of luck Jesse
#16 - Emyn
Go Jesse! Congratulations!
Good Luck
Thank you all of your positive comments
grats. saw it on your website a few days ago
Good luck ! Seems to already be a good team keep it up
Pretty Fast and Super Fair Drivers! Wish you all the Best!

There aint nothing better, then Standing on the Podium, after a Race
thanx guys.
SAVAGE SimSports signs sponsor deal with Loopia
SAVAGE SimSports signs sponsor deal with Loopia

On November 24th, SAVAGE SimSports and Loopia has come to an agreement on a sponsorship deal.

Loopia was conducted in 1999 and is a part of the Norwegian Visma Group. The company is currently one of the largest leading hosting companies in Sweden. They were declared "Sweden's best web-hosting service" back in 2002, by the magazine "Internet World". Since then, Loopia has continued to gain more great reviews and positive publicity.

We are delighted and excited to announce our first official sponsor, and we would like to thank Loopia for the opportunity and the support.

For more information, please visit:

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Congratulations on that, guys! Really nice that lfs teams become more and more attractive to real sponsors. That's just nice and really gives motivation to drive
Congrats guys

SAVAGE SimSports
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