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Czech Reinforcements for SAVAGE SimSports

We are happy to announce the arrival of our two newest members, Jaroslav “Fast Jarda” Dohnalík and Martin “Flame CZE” Kapal. They both hail from the Czech Republic and has been racing together for several years during their stay at their former team of Angel Power Racing. With APR suffering from inactivity, both Jaroslav and Martin decided that it was time to find a new home.

Jaroslav is 18 years old and lives in the heart of the Czech Republic, Prague. Currently he is studying at a high school with economics in mind. Besides sim-racing, Jaroslav also enjoys watching all sorts of different sports. A few words from himself on joining the team:

“- I am really happy for accepting the deal. After three years in APR it’s a good change and new motivation to keep on racing.”

Martin is 19 years old and lives in a small town called Králův Dvůr, not too far from Prague. He is currently in grammar school and in his spare time he likes to design websites and skins. He also spends a lot of his time being a moderator on our beloved LFS forum. Here’s what Martin had to say after joining the team:

“- I began my true LFS career in December 2007, when I bought an S2 licence, although already being a long time demo racer. Since then, I’ve been in two Czech teams – GRAND and Angel Power Racing – and participated in quite a lot of various leagues and events. But recently I’ve been thinking about a change and trying something new and I hope that SAVAGE SimSports was a good choice!”

We are happy to have picked up our first ever Czech drivers. We would like to welcome both of you to the team and we are looking forward to spending more time with you, both on and off the track.
Good stuff . Grats Kappy
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Jaruna and Capin
Congratulations and good luck guys . I will join the team next Monday
Yeeeeahh SAVAGE powaaaa you are growed so fast in your short history

Good Luck to both dudes!
You brought in a very good pairing, guys! SAVAGE, you got to pay attention to Martin and Jarda, if you want to learn about what teamwork really is.
Grats and good luck
grats guys!
Welcome onboard Czech brothers
Welcome to the family
grats to Martin und Jaroslav!
Watch out for Jarda, he crashes a lot!

Grats Martin, Jarda and the team!
Good Luck
Great ending to a bumpy season for the SAVAGEs
Great ending to a bumpy season for the SAVAGEs

During the end of April, the final round of the STD Championship took place. This concludes the first season of this exciting new series. After seven rounds of intense racing, the results are in the books. It has been a rocky season for SAVAGE SimSports but in the end we managed to finish in 2nd place in the overall team standings, which we are quite satisfied with.

Before going into the final round, we were sitting comfortably in 4th place in the overall standings, with spdo Racing and My3id Gaming tied for 2nd place, only having participated in three rounds each. With none of the two aforementioned teams competing in the final round either, things were looking good for SAVAGE SimSports. We would need 24 pts to get claim 2nd place in the standings and we were quite confident that we could achieve this.

The final race on Fern Bay Gold Reversed turned out to be quite eventful, with some very close racing and quite a bit of action. Both Martin Kapal, Karl Raudsepp and Ditlev Errebo were to be found on the grid, trying to score as much points possible. A 20 minute qualification session was completed, with Martin in 16th, Karl in 14th and Ditlev in 9th.

In the 9 lap sprint race Ditlev finished 8th and Martin 13th, collecting a total of 11 points. Karl was unfortunate and flipped his XFG about half way through the race. It didn’t affect the team standings though, since only the two highest scoring drivers collects points for the team championship. In the 17 lap feature race, Ditlev started on pole position due to the top8 of the grid being reversed, while Martin started in 13th. Martin again managed to gain another spot, finishing in 12th place, while Ditlev finished in 2nd place after losing out to David Peña of Lanzarote Racing Team, the championship leaders. With us scoring a total of 49 pts in the final round, we moved up and into 2nd place in the overall team standings, 26 pts ahead of spdo and My3id.

Jonas Bakšys finished in 4th place in the overall drivers championship, unfortunately not being able to participate in the final two rounds due to wheel problems. Still a very satisfying result however – well done, Jonas.

Even though we are quite happy with the outcome, there are still room for improvement. Hopefully we can come back even stronger if a new season of the STD Championship is in the works. If so, we will definitely be looking forward to it. A big thanks to Andris Pavars for organizing the series and of course we would like to congratulate Lanzarote Racing Team on their victory and Mikko Niittymäki on winning the drivers championship.

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SAVAGE SimSports signs sponsor deal with PiiMega Ltd
SAVAGE SimSports signs sponsor deal with PiiMega Ltd

PiiMega is a Finnish software firm which devises software that are compatible to customers processes from set up software components by competitive price.

In addition to firm-specifically customized software, PiiMega is specialized with offer calculations of makers of prefabricated (wood and log) homes, CRM (customer relationship management) and executive directing of sawmill industry.

PiiMega in a nutshell:
  • Founded in 1998.
  • Residence and business premises in Oulu, Finland.
  • Over 20 employees.
  • Rapidly growing company.
If you’re interested and would like to work in Finland, PiiMega is looking for a talented programmer!

PiiMega’s Facebook page

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Nice, congrats!
Wow great work
One more sponsor. Good business work, guys!

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