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New faces in SAVAGE SimSports
New faces in SAVAGE SimSports

It has been a while since you last heard from us, but don’t worry – we haven’t been sleeping. We have been very busy during the past month, making some important structural changes and decisions within the team. And we are very happy to finally be done and to share the news with you guys.

Back in December 2011, we picked up a driver named Mika Paananen. He is 37 years old and lives in the small town of Pihtipudas in Finland. Mika has been a part of DRUNK Team and most recently the temporary team of 2Old&2Slow. When Mika is not working or racing in LFS, he likes to spend his time with his family and playing ice hockey. Shortly after Mika joined our team, his real life friend, Miikka Sipola, decided to follow in the same footsteps. Miikka is 40 years old and lives in Turku, Finland. Miikka has a passion for playing pool and also likes to watch ice hockey. Both finns participated in three rounds of the Super GT Series, with their own team (2Old&2Slow). Before retiring from the series due to joining SAVAGE SimSports, they managed to reach the top10 in the championship points.

In the beginning of the new year, we added our first Brazilian driver to the team roster. Daniel Buck, who is 27 years old and lives in São Paulo, has been into motorsports ever since he watched Ayrton Senna win his first F1 World Championship back in 1988. Dan has been involved in professional kart racing and has been playing LFS since 2008. Dan works with international trading and likes to spend time with his wife, their dog and playing the piano.

A Wicked Addition

In the past couple of weeks, we have been in contact with the leader of the Wicked Racing Team, Laurynas Matonis, discussing both of our teams future in Live For Speed. After both parts had some time to discuss and think everything through, we came to an agreement on a merger between our teams. We are pleased to announce that as of January 25, 2012, Wicked Racing Team will be a part of SAVAGE SimSports. Our lithuanian brothers will now be racing under the SAVAGE SimSports tag and will bring their wicked team spirit along, aswell as their driving skills and positive influences. We feel this is a big step for both teams, and we are certain that it will bring some very valuable qualities into our already well-functioning team.

During the dialogue between Wicked and SAVAGE, it came to our attention that Karl Raudsepp, a former member of Tiger Express Motorsports, was looking for a new home. Karl saw the merger as an interesting opportunity and quickly decided that he wanted to be a part of it. Karl lives in Tartu, Estonia and is 17 years old. He has been active in LFS since 2008 and has participated in many well-known leagues and races, including both GTAL, GT2WS, MoE, IGTC and much more.

Our new and improved team roster:
Aidas “iFastLT” Staškevičius
Daniel “buck77” Buck
Ditlev “wildstyle” Errebo
Jonas “mizteriz” Bakšys
Jūris “jurisltu” Marcinkevičius
Karl “TypeRacing” Raudsepp
Laurynas “prOmo_LTU” Matonis
Magnus “turbofreak” Björndal
Miikka “Eetu71” Sipola
Mika “100A” Paananen
Rickard “boom1” Gustafsson
Skirmantas “seniecka” Stankevičius
Tadas “Alianto” Gedminas
Thomas “pigh83” Lönn

SAVAGE SimSports are now stronger than ever and hopefully this will lead to more good results in the future. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for their support and also everyone who has been involved in getting us to where we are now. And of course a big thanks to all of our new drivers – welcome to the family, guys.

Thanks for reading!
Congratulations! Getting alot of new drivers in such a short time!
#54 - AsnL
very nice, gl savage
Nice one, guys.

Hope this means we'll see the SAVAGE GT500 back in Super GT.
So that explains why Wicked and 2Old&2Slow dropped out of SuperGT...great news nonetheless, you guys now have a really good driver squad!
grats to all. Did not see the Wicked thing coming
#58 - CSF

Hohoho. I'm the funniest human alive. OK SOMEONE HAD TO DO IT!!!!11!1

Good luck to Karl especially, he's a fast guy and just needs a bit more luck from time to time.
GL savage, grats miikka and mika
Grats & GL
Didn't see that coming! And good luck to Karl, nice catch Savage!
Thanks for good wishes
Good luck with the merge and grats to Karl.
Good luck
Nice, congrats to team and Karl! Good luck!
Thanks guys
its a big surprise but good luck guys.
Ofc for my lithuanian darlings.
I am a bit confused, Wicked was found by 111111, it's so magical and legendary day,

then it fell...? to SAVAGE?

BTW hopefully all gone fine, good luck to all!
Yea hopefully it will And thanks for all the good luck messages,really appreciate it
good luck guys, hope to see good results
Grats guys and good luck, specially to my ex-mate Karl
SAVAGE SimSports News update 2012-02-15
SAVAGE SimSports News update 2012-02-15

It has now been a month since big changes had taken place in SAVAGE headquarters. A month of time when new guys got to know each other and started working on building a strong force in LFS Community – SAVAGE SimSports. This has been a month full of new experiences, new challenges and new goals to achieve. Now it's time to show the world how serious the guys are in trying to achieve their goal. Ladies and gentleman, let me present you the visualization of new, strong, and hungry for successful overtakes...

A good friend of ours, and owner of an imagination and dedication that no other has – Maik "FireMike15" Paluch. A man, who has won "Best movie maker" title in this year’s "LFS Community year-end awards" has decided to take his time and make this wonderful video in a mind-blowing short period of time. The whole SAVAGE SimSports team says big THANK YOU to Maik and FireMike Creations and we'll be proud to introduce ourselves with this video.

That's it for now, don't forget to "like" our Facebook page, where you can find all the news about how SAVAGE SimSports are doing.
that's wicked

SAVAGE SimSports
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