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New test patch coming soon (not VWS or S3)
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Quote from dawesdust_12 :.friday friday, gotta get down on friday.

What seat will YOU Take

(I just couldn't resist..)
Kickin' in the front seat
Sittin' in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Quote from The Very End :Everyone hold their breath, release day today!

Quote from The Very End :And I was not kidding because I am like the most serios person on this forum, only maybe beeing beat by Ermatlon and Lerts.. RIP

Joke aside, pressing F5 every second here now

Quote from The Very End :No one knows for sure, but it's been a forum joke that every patch is released on a friday.

Quote from LiveForBoobs :Rofl

OH GOD **** ME! Lol I got that know! In my head it was friday allready... oh for love of god... :doh:
Will there be a email when it comes out??
No. It will be beta release. When the official comes out then i think we will be emailed.
I just hope that its released tommorow or at the weekend
Quote from eddy678 :I just hope that its released tommorow or at the weekend

As do I, I've been looking forward to this feature for some time, even before it was announced
It's from page 34, I'll quote the post. (1020)

Quote from Stimpy88 :
Quote from Si Mclaren :If you want a PLAN for what LFS is going to be, he said 3 years ago... New tire physics, Scirocco, Rockingham...

But how he can do it if he stays talking with people? Create a program is not so easy how it looks, its a lot of codes, numbers and caracters, it takes time to do... Calculate physics, so, takes even more time, as it have lots of variables included...

Totally delusional... You sir, and others that spout your partucular form of nonsence, are fools.

I would rather whine, than be a blind fool.

I also note that you have not payed anything towards this project, so please refrain from defending those who's work you use without directly contributing. Words are cheap!

And the quote in my sig is true. Because most on this forum troll on others on the internet to make themselves feel better. I know this is offtopic but to point a point out you don't need to add the words "You're an idiot" into it.
Quote from Hallen :Yes, but the point is that they have to update cars independently which means they don't have universal tyre physics -- they fudge their calculations to work better with each individual car. When Scawen finishes the physics for the tyres, all cars will be impacted.

Sorry for the off-topic. I'm a bit pedantic about that kind of thing.

That's a pretty big assumption there Hallen

Just because they choose to release the tyre physics in stages doesn't mean that every car has different underlying maths equations for tyre physics or look up tables etc.

As an example taking the classic pacejka magic formula for modelling tyre performance and then setting it up to match real tyre data for different tyres would require different parameters and tweaking of those parameters to match the tyre you are trying to simulate.

In the real world even from the same manufacturer and same tyre type/model the tyres can vary in their real world performance significantly, so if you try replicating the performance of many different types of tyres in construction and rubber compounds the tuning and tweaking of parameters that need to be plugged into the equations to simulate tyre performance is not going to be a 5 min task and I'd suggest it is a task that can be improved upon over time as they get more test data knowledge so isn't even a onetime task.

The reality is that any tyre model no matter what its base is or how good/bad the critics claim it will be, is going to be an approximation (read fudge) of real world tyre performance.

Also just because one developer chooses to apply physics changes across the board and another applies it to cars individually has in my opinion zero implication that one is fudging tyre physics and the other is not.

Perhaps the different decisions in how they release updates has more to do with recourses at their disposal or their differing goals such as trying to replicate specific tyre performance on specific surfaces compared to trying to replicate general tyre behaviour as accurately as possible.

I'm a bit pedantic about that kind of thing too
This is no more LFS new patch post , i dont now wat it is now, do I m in corect post ?
I just hope Scawen releases the patch some time.
When comes the Patch...

One little Question: Can we with the Z30 Patch create AI-Lines?
-.- It's 09:47 at the time of this post in the UK. Do you expect them to release the patch at so early? NO.
In here Estonia we have 11:49 right now
Quote from Rynno666 :In here Estonia we have 11:49 right now

But the dev's aint living in Estonia sir.

And dont believe "Patch is going to be released on Friday". Just by time! They decide the dates. (I hope lol)
Am i say the devs live in Estonia? I just say what time in here estonia and done
and yes,i dont belive that the patch released today..we hope it but dont belive it
Lets just all sit and wait for it, meanwhile go and have some fun driving z28 :P
Agreed Jappe, I'm looking forward to the patch, and I've been planning layouts already :P

For now, Z28 is good enough.

Keep it up Scawen!
Can we create AI-Lines with Z30 for our own Tracks?
Quote from Stölzel :Can we create AI-Lines with Z30 for our own Tracks?

I don't think so. It would be good though to have something like /(record/load)line and use it in a similar way that hotlap works(start and stop when you pass the finish line but cancel when you hit objects).
There aint any major changes in the new upcoming patch.. Why are you guys so obsessed with it, Scawen could release a empty patch for the same price and you guys would also cum over it with the happyness.
- Improved collisions with unmovable objects (e.g. red barriers)
- Number of autocross objects increased to 800 (was 512)
- Open track configurations allowing you to drive anywhere

I think these are pretty major changes.
You call those major changes? The new patch will be compatible with the older one.. No major changes are made.
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New test patch coming soon (not VWS or S3)
(1153 posts, closed, started )