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New test patch coming soon (not VWS or S3)
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Quote from kimd41 :Are you guys sure he is a beta tester? I know he's a great modder, the VOB is easy to replicate, and the rims can be changed in old versions of LFS which is graphically identical. Being a beta tester and a modder doesn't quite fit.

Not graphically identical. Since Z19 "Road car dashboards updated to use dashboard light symbols" and here you see them so it was possible to change rims on Patch V or something like that I don't know...
You guys are so gullible.
What about cheaters? Now under the Z28 there are plenty of cheats, I hope they will not work on the next patch ...
There are Z28 rim editors on the internet - again, Amynue has released a few.
If you have something to say on this subject, talk.
Its a freaking .VOB mod. I can guarantee it 110%.
Quote from DevilDare :Its a freaking .VOB mod. I can guarantee it 110%.

It's all clear this mod on fxo, but those three vws it just stuck. Take a screenshot with LFS VIEWER_S2. Conversation on this topic can be closed.
I think 4 full pages for this case are enough. It would be better to stop it and start talking again about the upcoming patch(i hope this week).
No no! Please continue with offtopics!
We are trying our best 'cause we want from Scawen to unsubscribe!!!!!111!!eleven!!!!

Then we can moaning again about lack of progress reports
I never thought I would miss TVE.. He'd have a field day here.

So I, Will resume responsibility for TVE.

Don't sign me out just yet you sperm mark!
I am allive and kicking, and I still waiting for my rallypack while crawling through a year of shit :|
What does gullible mean?
Quote from PoVo :What does gullible mean?

No one knows, since its not in the dictionary.
Quote from PoVo :What does gullible mean?

That you believe everything that anybody tells you.
To be honest i rarely actually play lfs lately but i do check almost daily and the news from Scawen really made my day.I almost had given up on lfs and the feedback from Scawen shows lfs is not dead and still it can improve.

On the matter of open configs i believe it can improve on immersion if when using existing grids instead of solid barriers have cones/signs/movable barriers on their place as the track could be completely open and a mistake would cost you a lot more than it does now making racing more immersive and exciting.I guess this would need a little bit of programming but it does not sound very hard.

On another note through if Scawen read this i must stress that lfs needs a lot of improvements on many fronts as it has gotten really behind on many aspects compared to other simulator games.Scawen i still believe the actuall feeling in lfs is better than any other simulator i play but please try to improve on other things and do not concentrate only on the tire physics improvements as important as the may seem.

I mean the game needs a better dx render -like a dx9c and work on a real time lighting system with support of effects like bloom and the god-mighty hdr.Really good lighting can lift graphics by a huge margin.

On the matter of graphics a weather system is also a must -provided weather is affected by overal temperature /wind and time of day.If pools of water can be formed to than it could be even better.

Also an animation system and 3d objects for possible 3d pit crews/spectators and 3d trees could bring a lot of life in the tracks-again provided these are toggable features.

Aside graphics the possibility of point to point racing could be amazing -provided some point to point content is provided like a hillclimb or lets say a open road coastal route.During the last few years this kind of racing is only found in arcade games and it could be amazing having this kind of racing found in a true simulation.

-and finally some work on car damage would be nice as there are no detachable parts that could affect aerodynamics (are there aerodynamics even calculated ? )

And finally its good to know that s3 content is been worked on but i do hope you realize that 2-3 new tracks and a couple of cars simply won't do to revive the game.Yes for a few weeks or a couple of months people will get back playing lfs but after the initial reaction had cooled down people will go back at rfactor/gtr games were even through inferior on actual " feeling" they have massive amounts of high quality content like tracks and real life cars.
In my view the thing that LFS needs most urgently is a better collision system. The impossible collisions that are happening quite often are spoiling so many races and making so many people angry. I know collision with barriers is probably improved in the upcoming patch, but I guess cars can still fly like crazy, sometimes after just a slight touch. Better graphics, tyre physics – cool. But it is the collisions that have often physically clearly impossible results. For me, that's where LFS needs serious improvements.
Along with improved collisons, there should be parts that can break off in a crash, like this:

Not now of course. Scawen should concentrate on this patch first, then the tyre physics, then make this a part of S3.
Quote :- Improve collision physics
- Break off wings instead of bending
- Finish and release Westhill updates
- Improve track shadow rendering
- RB4 / UF1 / UFR interiors

These were planned back in 2008. IDK what happened to this...
Quote from iFastLT :so simply naive then?

Naivity comes with a young age though, Naive would be more like, not sensing the danger in a certain situation like just skipping across a land mine field. Gullible is when someone says that theres mines in their own bed so they don't sleep. :P

But the two are very similar.
We all want break-off parts affecting aero, weather changes, rain, etc.
I just wonder if Scawen has done any work on these things over the years for experimenting and testing. I'm sure he has as the new tyre physics would need to take into account changes in surface temperature, conditions, rubber/oil/water/aquaplaning; instead of redeveloping the tyre physics whenever Scawen decides to put these things into the game.
Would love a game to simulate oil.. Would make it alot more tense, on league races especially, also, mechanical failures (obviously would have to be implemented anyway to simulate oil spillage) would make LFS easily the best sim out there.
Quote from BlueFlame :Would love a game to simulate oil.. Would make it alot more tense, on league races especially, also, mechanical failures (obviously would have to be implemented anyway to simulate oil spillage) would make LFS easily the best sim out there.

I think this is getting into way too much detail. When developping a product, especiaclly a simulation, I beleive it is more appropriate to go for the 80-20 rule.

Develop things that will take only 20% of your total development time and will provide 80% of the consumer experience. I beleive this oiil spillage model would take way too much time compared to what it'd bring to people that are really interested in it.

Scawen's upcoming patch is a good illustration of the 80-20 rule. It appears to be a patch that has been relatively not time consuming, but it's going to bring hours and hours of fun while he can finish the physics.

Another good example of the 80-20 rule would be remodeling the car sounds. I am unsure it would be extremely time consuming (even though I'd expect something around 2 months of 2-3 man-work-hours), but it would bring a lot more to the game.
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New test patch coming soon (not VWS or S3)
(1153 posts, closed, started )