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BF1 Skins
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no Prob Gobby,
im a great fan of your designs and i am proud about your meaning
Here´s the Good-One:

Maybe you can put it into your collection ?
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aoun, you got the version before I edited it, delete it and re-download from my post please
Quote from Malenfant :Hey guys,
i´ve also tried a BF1. I love those red lines....

damn! i want that skin! please! It's amazing!
Valvoline BF1
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Quote from xFMFxShortY :my second try... Midland F1 ( Lost Boys )

Quote from Malenfant :Hey guys,
i´ve also tried a BF1. I love those red lines....

Quote from Gobby :Weeee, surely only a few hours to go

'Bout time I released the skins I've finished I think.
Hope its ok to just post the 2048 versions, I'm not sure how hard performance is hit with a field of 2048 skins.

All 3 of these are already uploaded on as the same filenames, so no need to re-upload them.


xFMFxShortY: That Midland looks awesome. I doubt I'll make one myself now. Just release it please

Simply awesome guys i don't know how you do it Thanks alot
fanks gobz

edit: .. lol theres almost been more posts than the FO8 thread in less then 3 days!
Thanks Gobby for the Williams. You are my god :bowdown:
Quote from dravgunov :Valvoline BF1

Wow, would you release it?
(dravgunov) DELETED by dravgunov
Rolls should make an F1 car :bg:

says on website time is 13:34 GMT, or summut, but its actually 14:35, ive probably read it wrong, but i also read it maybe out @ 2, so thats why it may be late?

Any help?

It dosnt matter if u win by an inch or a mile, winnin is winnin
Going by ajp71's countdown it's out at 3pm, in 15 mins!!
Quote from JetroPag :The best (J-Pop) skin ever! Hehe.

Your're crazy, but I like it hehe

While I'm here, anybody working on a Honda skin?
wer do i download the patch frm?
teh skins?
Honda F1 Racing done...

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heres my latest skin, im not sure if it needs anymore sponsors, but i will release the skinfile if anyone wants it

excuse the bad picture again, fraps really doesnt like the lfs skin viewer
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VIEWER_S2 2006-04-21 17-46-16-25.jpg
Wow great skins Gobby. thanks.
Hey buds, i did my own mclaren too, i saw very good effects, that sky idea was pretty nice. Personally, i tried to emulate the light concentration most as was possible, i hope u like it

Here is the file to download ... 794/bf1silverarrow0jk.jpg

i hope u enjoy it, i called it "BF1_Silver_arrow"

pd: dont be so bad, its my first post in this section

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I think I need a Super Aguri skin... I drive like Takuma Sato did last year.
Here is my first BF1 Skin...
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Thats one sexy looking skin

BF1 Skins
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