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BF1 Skins
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Superb work, we'll have more like that please
nice very nice work you did a great job
XD oh crap thats nice. Someone has to render that.
Hey, that's not a bad idea. Is there anyone willing to do that for me?

Thanks again for the comments!
OK, heres skin #4. Kudos to Rare White Ape for pointing me in the right directions with Adobe. I still have aways to go, but Im getting there.

PS Rare, I got another pvt msg from you, but its a repeat of the 1st one?

PPS. Went thru this forum 2day, and see this was done already . No sweat tho, mines the ChampCar version, not Sennas'. Plus the experience gathered by doing that will yield benefits. I see some people want a ToroRosso. If I can find a decent pic and shave my head so I stop pulling out the hair, Ill give it a go.
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Ive been waiting for htat LeMans skin for sooooo long!!! Thanks alot!!!!
Quote from Rare White Ape :I'll be putting it up later today. I have a few fixes that need fixing on it and I'm busy this morning so give it a few hours.

Here's what it looked like midway through the build. I used a screenshot from GT4 as a template for the swoopy design on the side. And I had a crazy amount of layers going on there

EDIT: Finished'd!

Fantastic skin! Saved into my skins folder as the only non vMax skin I have.

That good!
Yours isn't an R4, though -- at least, not any of the versions I saw while researching. It's more fun to paint your own than download anyway, isn't it?
Here's one I did a little while ago, based mostly on the Audi R8C, with some sponsors borrowed from the later Audis.
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awesome audi-
any chance of the red and yellow?
or the velox version?
I'll have a go at the Veloqx but I can't guarantee it'll get done. The R8 shape doesn't exactly lend itself to the BF1.
Quote from comradesampo :The R8 shape doesn't exactly lend itself to the BF1.

That's what makes it fun You need to compromise and improvise
very nice audi skin, i like that a lot
Here's Renault's 4th non-tobacco livery of the season, as seen at tomorrow's French GP. Shark theme this time round.
If any1 was wondering, I have no plans to make their 3rd, the floral design seen at Canada was a little too intricate for me.

As before I can't upload this to LFSworld cos I've got no slots left.

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:jawdrop: amazing work gobby
Two more from me. I'm sure you've been waiting breathlessly.
The first is based on the Peugeot 905 Evo 2 -- check out the real thing here:
This turned out a little gaudy but I was having a hard time finding a balance between too much and too little. Who says race cars have to be tasteful, though? I think it ended up looking pretty good.

The second is the Jordan that gave Ferrari and McLaren such a scare in 1999. I always loved these bumblebee Jordans, and it's such a pity that they fell so far so fast. This isn't 100% accurate, obviously, but I really liked the way it turned out.
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The Peugeot 905 is one of my favs. Thanks for that BF1 version :up:
That Jordan is pretty good.
Bobby Rahals Indy Car 1995
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easy...easy... easy there tiger!
He has a point.

BF1 Skins
(1624 posts, started )