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LR Announces: Race Center
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Umm...maybe its not a place to post it, but you should see it.

When I was racing today, I saw one guy with Redline Racing skin. It won't be something special, but he haven't the related tag to wear it. (Hes not in a team I mean).

Pic attached.
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Errm probably not the place to post Texes , but thats for bringing it up

Not sure what can be done about it .. other that a very stern telling off if i see him

thx again m8
#78 - VoiD
Catched him earlier and told him nicely that using a team-skin is not very gentleman-like...

He immediately left the server...

He´s now racing for Red Bull (public skin)
Nice 1 .. ty
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#80 - VoiD

- changed servernames to "LR|Race Center"
- all servers added to remote
- added more tracks on both servers
- tweaked filters
- welcome-screens (rules) easier to understand for beginners (we hope)

Have fun!
So when is the update where you give me those 1000 points I need to drive TBO? Joke aside, neat little addition
I was on your LR Race Center 1 server earlier and i got banned for some reason. I have no idea why.
I was driving clean apart from hitting my team mate who was being a nob and reversing into me.

can i get unbanned please. I'm usually a clean driver.

#83 - VoiD
Hiya Beddall

Your ban will be liftet in 30 days. Please check our forum and read the rules, especially the part about wrecking and revenge wrecking.

What teammate..? You mean the other retard that received a 30 days ban for wrecking you...?

This isn´t Banger Racing neither it is Destruction Derby. Please play your silly games elsewhere...
Yes, I mean the other retard that received a 30 day ban for wrecking me.
I don't think he understood that it was a proper racing server as he had in fact just been racing on a Destruction Derby server earlier.

I was as annoyed with him as much as you I'm sure.

Anyway, I guess I'll just do the time and look forward to racing on a server that has a zero tolerence for wreckers ( which is good to see).

so I'll see you in 30 days. ( and I won't revenge wreck him next time, if he even comes back to that server)


what happened to your ban policies?
I've just read them on your forum and I didn't get any warning, or kicked or anything. And my first ban is for 30 days and not 3?
I'm a little confused :S


nevermind...missed the bit at the bottom
Damn! 30 days??!!!
how mean can u be? 1 week at most...i'd rather brake a leg than being banned for a month!
poor guy...
How long do you reckon fully recovering from a broken leg would take?
Quote from LSDBlackWolf :Damn! 30 days??!!!
how mean can u be? 1 week at most...i'd rather brake a leg than being banned for a month!
poor guy...

left or right?
LOL@beddall, you got me called a 'retard' by some guy who thinks it's acceptable to bash anyone who's not leet enough. Never mind!

forgive me tho, I reversed into him after crashing on the last corner when everyone else had already long finished.

But..... sad as it is, 30 days is enough I think, maybe more than enough. Lets keep the personal insults to ourselves huh void? I'm sure we'll take our personal battle out on starcraft in future and race 'properly' on this server, so no need to insult anyone is there, particularly total noobs like us. We'll behave in future, well, I will, can't speak for Beddall as he drives like a nutter anyway.
it's these "noobish" acts that give genuine newbies a bad name.
oople, you've had your S2 license for nearly 4 months now. you too Bedall.
you guys should know by now that wrecking is not acceptable on a respectable server like LR. to say that you were on a DD server previously and were is in DD mode is not an acceptable reason in my books. the "basic" rules are shown every time you enter the LR servers and only take a few seconds to read it once. i bet none of you read it. but as my grandpappy would say; "why do we fall bruce......" erm, nope that's not it. "many a mikkle makes a muckle" nope, still not it. "i should of shot her years ago" not it either.
but a-n-y-w-a-y-s.
it's good that you both are taking your lashes. maybe you guys have just gotten off on the wrong foot.
on the LR server, you will find alot of clean, friendly, helpful and understanding drivers (95% of the time). but because of your earlier actions, you will not whitness this for another 30 days. it's a shame but i hope you both learn from it.
Could someone please explain, what are some of the numbers in !pi table? I'm interested in "playing" and "rating".
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errr... i think something must be wrong with the licence thingy as we both bought the game yesterday, not 4 months ago.
before that we had maybe 1 or 2 races at work on a demo server. So there has been no "serious" servers for us until yesterday.
you will see that the payment for S2 is dated yesterday.
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check your forum join date.
Join Date: Mar 2009.

Yeah, we downloaded the demo version ages ago... must have been in march, which is when I joined the forum, and had a few races on demo servers.
I bought my licence yesterday. I was just clearing that up, as you seemed to think that I had been racing on proper servers for 4 months, which I haven't.

still doesn't excuse active wrecking. you have seen a race before tho haven't you?

Yeah of course I have seen a race before.
Though to be fair, we were miles behind anyone else. the people coming to lap us were miles behind us. all were were doing was a bit of friendly rubbing . Rubbing IS racing.

2 consenting adults, having a bit of a rub... that's all it was.

Well... you should know that rubbing other adults can (specially the oposit sex) lead to unwanted situations
i suppose the question i should ask is, would you do it again in 30 days time?

Not me officer....

When that is said, it's only 1 month, you can try out the various other servers meanwhile There are a lot of servers out there, just waiting to be tested, so while your banned from LR, try out the alternatives.

LR Announces: Race Center
(328 posts, started )