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There's a couple of inches in Nottingham, first time I've seen snow here since I came down for uni! I thought this city was always missed by it.
its a dam blizzard
Strange weather back in North Northamptonshire. Snowed like hell last night, now as sunny as ever!
same here sunny today yesturday i needed gogles to be able to see outside
the worst is that there is snow up to our livingroom wondow so you cant see out
Back in force with a dusting of 4 inches, huh?

I just shoveled off my roof yesterday. Had probably 20 inches packed up there. It's all melting now creating ice dams at the gutters. I should have shoveled it off a while ago, but I'm old and it was too cold out to bother. Now I have 6-8 inches of solid ice at the roof edge the entire length of the roof.

The icicles never did reach the ground, only about half way. I saw some on the store I visit in the mornings that reached the ground.
it's meeeeeltiiing (i can't even remember when we had +2 before)....baah, it'll be back to cold tomorrow, every inch of melted snow would make me smile though, i have nowhere left to put snow on my driveway!
more coming here right now the season starts in about 6 weeks
Got up thismorning to find around 2 inches of snow
lol, such a nice feeling on dry road without snow and with warmy sun shining again! No more melting snow pleeasee..
was awake this morning at around 5, checked the temp was -7C went to check it around half 6 when dad left for work was -2C and snowing lightly... by half 8 was under 2" and kept going till around 10ish. Stopped though started melting meant to be wild tonight 10-20cm on lower ground and exceeding 50cm on highground .
we are expecting 8-12 inches by friday here in center jersey
It's started snowning around about 7am today and it has not stopped since.

Its been snowing all day... nothing lay though if it had would be around a foot atleast! though go 3miles out the road and its treacherous! basiclly if you want to go a drive furthest you can safely go is 30miles east then your snowed in pretty much...
18°C today, sunny all day. I am like 'what'... Even thinking about tyres change if things go like this. Some days ago -5°C and snow everywhere.
NOoooooo its melting. My 70cm's of fun (and pain), no no no.
the snow is melting noooooooo now the ski slopes gona close because they can't take the water from the lake

A little snow.

My drive normally.

My drive today.

A touch on the deep side.

Got to love the winter...
wow that's quite a bit of snow

Temp has been sitting at 0-1c today, but you can still go outside in a t-shirt and not freeze your butt off, no snow though and none on the horizon for Colchester

Forecasts were saying we might get some snow today, but nothing as of yet.
snow + 0.5-0mm summer tyres on back = fail
putting winter tyres on tomorrow.
next week here will be about -20 degrees
Quote from DevilDare :Forecasts were saying we might get some snow today, but nothing as of yet.


Same here, everything is still green here. Also, good that you guys brought this up again I can still remember last year, oh boy.
Quote from Agniz :snow + 0.5-0mm summer tyres on back = fail
putting winter tyres on tomorrow.
next week here will be about -20 degrees

In a BMW = win Just don't go over 30 km/h..
i have about 20 cm and its just november just hope it stays all winter long like the snow last winter, but the thing i hate is that ther is like 2 tractors plowing the whole city -.- so today was my first experience of drifting a lorry with trailer

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