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All melted here. The 'snow armageddon' predicted by all the papers lasted all of about half an hour.
Plenty of it here in the south east, got sent home early from school
Also in the south east (mid Kent) and we have had the very lightest of smatterings I would say 2mm snow at the moment, however its still snowing, well trying to, very fine icy bits

If it keeps up all night it will be about 5cm deep in the morning

Why did you keep getting out of your car? Also.. you call that snow?!
Hardly any here where I am in North Kent but was sent home early from work because of heavy snow in Central London and I commute on a motorcycle. Was fun drifting my bike around the car park before leaving though!
Fuuuu snow
Obligatory snow picture:

It did get a lot worse but when it was that bad I wasn't really in the mind to get out and take pictures!

I noticed last week my tyres were getting a bit low and not gripping as well as they could do, the last week on high-performance summer tyres without much tread hasn't exactly been fun.

Next year, winters for sure - bought the wheels, just need to get the tyres (although it has to be 18" to clear my brakes!)
Quote from Jakg :Any excuse.

Ewwww, you're one of those scumbags who doesn't clear his car of snow before setting off. Pro tip: Get yourself a soft bristled brush (I got mine from Pound Land), they wouldn't work to sweep the floor but to get snow off of a motor, takes me about 30 seconds to clear the snow. Much quicker and safer than jumping out here there and everywhere to hack at it with an ice scraper.

It does tickle me how few roads have been treated down there though. I struggle to find an untreated road up here.
Quote from P5YcHoM4N :Ewwww, you're one of those scumbags who doesn't clear his car of snow before setting off.

I had fun doing it this morning with my dog on the lead jumping up to eat the snow the whole time. A passing neighbour offered to take the lead while I finished clearing the car so I cheekily took him up on the offer knowing that my bozo dog would then just jump up to play with the lead, so I got treated to a few minutes of watching this geezer trying not to get flattened by a flying dog that he can't let go of, pure entertainment.
Couple pics from the other day

My mate Paul in his landrover stuck in 3 and a bit foot snow drift he thought would be a good idea to plow into

and another

Friends Igloo/Ice bar for weekend. 9 hours building on Monday finished it Tuesday night (with 7 other helpers) but not been round to get a upto date pic. It also made it onto local news lol.

View looking back to the village

Falls of Muick Deeside

River Muick Deeside

The snow drift on the road my friend Paul thought would be a good idea to drive into.

River Dee Deeside

Most are just snap shots really but hope you like them
^^ That ice bar reminds me of the igloo we built and camped in a few years ago! Over stateside it's just been cold with unpredictable 5 minute white outs lol. It's so annoying when you are driving, people just go full retard and stop then proceed at 5mph lol

2 minute period, by minute 3 it was clear, also the photos make it look better than it is, I couldn't see the EOS in front of me in the last two pics ... 078241562_805448278_o.jpg ... 78346562_1420527886_o.jpg ... 78431562_1645259670_o.jpg
No more snowing here but everything is turning into ice
My street is one big icetrack, really funny to see some people drive there. From next week we're back to positive temps so I can finally fit my new brakes and do a quick brake-in.... Got an event to drive the 31st...
what did they call that? i forgot. it had a wierd name
The most snow I've ever seen was in NJ in 1996. We were snowed in at our house in Belmar for three days with nothing to entertain ourselves but six bottles of schnapps and two sheets of LSD.

When our landlord eventually dug us out (we didn't try very hard to dig ourselves out) we went for a walk down to the beach and all the single-storey homes like ours had disappeared under snow drifts. Really neat.
thats the one
I went for a drive.

It was quite entertaining.

I actually bothered to take photos for once.

Bit of a hassle though, I was paranoid someone would nick my vehicle when I jumped out.

Roads quickly ran out though.

And these tyres might've got me slightly stuck.

Still got me out though.
We had 6 hours of sleet yesterday afternoon, and it was all melted this morning, every bit. And just 70 miles away, you have all that
The joys of living on the correct side of the Pennines.
So i went on this road just to see how far i could go without getting stuck (a friend of mine dared me to do it), ended up being stuck twice. Was fun.

Excuse me for the terrible quality.
we dont even call that snow here
Almost all of the snow gone here.

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