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really not a bad idea...just not sure what i can hang it from on my car
More snooooowww! And it's not melting!
Quote from Tomba(FIN) :trailer hook does the job pretty well too

Not always, if given a fair whack a tow bar can bend the rear chassis/sub-frame. I've seen it done before and it's not pretty, depending on where/how and on what car it's mounted on it can torque the chassis enough to warp the boot-lid frame.
need some snow here in the uk, its wayyyyyyyy too cold
Lightly snowed earlier, some crappy conditions out there (very icy)
at that point, will a tire help either?

i dont think the argument is what prevents damage best, i think it is what is the best in small impacts
around 20cm here! God I love driving in these conditions! my quattro is allover the place!
I imagine the tyre is just there to protect against little nudges from people not being able to quite stop in time in the snow & ice.

It's actually a pretty good idea - boats have used tyres down the side to protect against low-speed collisions like that for years.
Snow in Denmark! **** yeah! I love snow...
E: TIMO! Stop being german
-6 C, 3 cm of snow.
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...and sandals.

reminds me of when I was 10 and went sledding on my stomach without a shirt on.

We had snow here a while ago tho. october iirc.
snowing here a bit as well, but it melts right away...not cold enough
Another 10cm more snow this morning...
All we have over here is GODDAMN RAIN.

I want

Quote from Töki (HUN) :All we have over here is GODDAMN RAIN.

just took this picture from window
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lucky u D:
few hours back in Ljubljana ...
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Quote from Bose321 :How the **** do you pronounce that?

There is no use in telling use really since we would mispronounce it anyway.
Lyoob-liana, just barely making the 'y' audible.

Or 'La-jubbel Jarna', whatever takes your facy.
Suddenly shitload of snow everywhere in here too

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