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Quote from Chrisuu01 :

And I'm a boss so I drive whatever the weather.

yep, thatswhy i drive a car!
Met office says heavy snow throughout tomorrow, But it said heavy snow last night. The floor was bone dry..
I literally got up at 7am for no reason because i wanted to go in the snow. I was so disappointed :faint:
Quote from Agniz :snow + 0.5-0mm summer tyres on back = fail
putting winter tyres on tomorrow.
next week here will be about -20 degrees

you should be happy...

finland - place where i live - -26*C this morning
Love snow!

View from Brands hatch pitlane.
got a lil snow now here today as well.
didnt stay though.

but as pronounced its gonna be around -15 C this week so im pretty sure ill have some nice snow soon
Well, today we had lightning and snow at the same time.
Never seen that before.
Yeah, it's pretty weird. Did you not hear it last night too, Stuart?

Anyway, today I got sent home early from work, so my house mate and I built ourselves a little snowman:

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heavy snow forecast for tonight here. Hopefully it will snow pretty bad. That way I don't have to go to school. :P
i've never heard of schools closed due to heavy snow here in Lithuania. They are almost never closed, but we are allowed to go outside and play with snow when it's -25Celsius, or -20C if you live far from the school. Too bad i live close to my school, i'm forced to go there everyday . That sucks.
Povo does not live in Lithuania?
Quote from -NightFly- :Povo does not live in Lithuania?

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Like me aswell, I'm a finn who lives in Ireland :P
Quote from Hahmo :Location: Dublin, Ireland

Like me aswell, I'm a finn who lives in Ireland :P

oh, I checked the flags only
Holy poop, a week off just as my monitor arrives! Niiiiiiiice
you guys are so lucky i haven't had any snow that stayed in the area were i live.

The first REAL snowfall of the year i'm taking my car out and i'm gonna drive the shit out of it.
the first real snow this year was in march.. still waiting
Finally Hampshire has snow!

And I get to work out in it all day <3
Snow in Surrey

Buses aren't running so no School YEAH!!

Ah shit, i don't go to school

I've got to lug my double bass into York this afternoon, I am not looking forward to blundering in with all this snow underfoot and a 6ft bass over my shoulder, so SHIT OFF!
****ing snow, it brought down the power lines last night, it is bad enough not being able to go anywhere, but to then lose running water and a power outage for 12 hours. I ****ing loath the snow right now.

They would have fixed the power outage sooner, but one of the YEDL guys got his truck stuck which means they had to dig him out before work could carry on.
If Al Queda ever get hold of a snow machine, this country would be ****ed, it totally mental, and embarrasing just how this country can be brought to its knee's by a little bit of snow.
Quote from P5YcHoM4N :This lends itself to being a nice drive. And as it is in my back garden, I drive it as often as possible. And it is the sort of route where you could complete it, turn around and go back and it is just as fun as the view is almost always so clear you can really attack the corners hitting apex after apex.

They should do a Yorkshire rally, infact, yorkshire should be it's own country. It deserves it.

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