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Quote from 5haz :True, probrably because of all the warmth from all the towns and cities, always plenty of snow in Kent or up in Norfolk/Suffolk, did fairly well last year though.

Looking at radar its all going down the North sea or Irish sea, Essex is more likely to get snow than where I'm at at the moment.

Well I'm on the doorstep of Suffolk and we haven't seen enough to make the grass turn white, although it did create a thin layer on the car...... which was a right bitch to de-ice.
It's coming down fairly heavily just north of Newcastle now.

Bloody horrible stuff
Over halfway into Nov and we're still getting 60 degree weather here Mid-Atlantic stateside. Yep. Somethin's wrong with the ozone layer.
Quote from Xaid0n :Well I'm on the doorstep of Suffolk and we haven't seen enough to make the grass turn white, although it did create a thin layer on the car...... which was a right bitch to de-ice.

Did you say you were in Colchester? Looks like the winds are forecast to go Easterly which might start to push the snow inland, not far from the sea there either is it? Absolutely none here in Surrey.
Quote from P5YcHoM4N :Grab a garden rake, or something similar (chicken wire works) and walk down the route you drive to turn around. Unless you drove like a loon then it won't be far from the tyre imprints. Failing that, a lot of locking nuts can be removed with the key to the city (a screw driver and a hammer).

Yea I gave the the garden rake a bash but just couldn't see it but it was dark and snowing pretty heavy. Gonna have another look in the morning, you can get replacement ones for about £12 so hammering will be a last resort!! If I do find it, I'll be painting it fluorescent orange so I don't do that again!
Snooooooooooooooooooow. Eventually.
Never snows properly round these parts. It usually falls lightly and any hint of a fart and its gone again. Bloody cold cigarette breaks though.
well we had about 5inches fall in around 2hours earlier then got about another inch like an hour ago, seems to have stopped atm but the clouds are looking heavy again! everywhere in my town is just sheet ice covered by snow, had to push a van and a car up a hill on my walk home :P. Also went for a drive earlier with my sisters boyfriend in a Q5 (4wd drifts ftw!), a 15min journey took us 1hour 30, seen 2stuck lorries countless cars, and hardly any visibility. However according to traffic scotland, all the roads out of my town are now closed due to drifting snow/snow falling, so if it continues to snow later tomorrow shall make for some fun!
Feckin' single glazing, that is all.
Quote from 5haz :Feckin' single glazing, that is all.

You don't know how good you've got it.

York just 100 yards from the city walls, historically-important heritage-listed bay windows, we're literally not allowed to fix the draughts.

We have a few inches of snow on the ground at the moment.
It hit 25 today. Hottest its been all year. Tomorrow looking even hotter. I used to hate winter until i found out how much fun snowboarding is now i can't wait for the snow....

Find a big hill and have some fun people!
Snowing in Ireland
Quote from S14 DRIFT :Snow is pointless. It makes your willy shrivel up and means you can't go to work, which in turn means you can't pay for food, which makes you hungry, which in turn makes you weak by which time you're too weak to work even if you could get in, and so you die in your bed with a tube (Peti Filous) up your nose.

Is that what you really want?

Bring summer back, rather have a beautiful day of 25 degree C to enjoy some motorcycling than a day of -5 with what is basically a billion gallons of frozen water piled up around my door!

Only I could find something negative about the snow.

im with you 100%!
Photos taken couple mins ago on on main street

Ballater north east scotland
Ooo I've been to Ballater (Parked outside the church in the 2nd pic)... Wish we had that amount of snow... I want to drive in it lol.
Thought I'd be kind and let my dad have a go in the Hilux today. He managed to get the truck stuck in snow by giving it too much gas coming out of the drive and sliding off the road (I told him gentle so he boots it). It took an hour but I got it free. Decided to stay at home as getting the truck free has ruined the drive and my back. Being old sucks.
Appearently it has snown here. Of course I didn't recognize it.
Not a tickle here.
Still a load here, and more expected
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Quote from Bean0 :Still a load here, and more expected

sad face?
i wish i had ur luck >_<

i sure like summer all the way and hate it being cold, but cold without snow is much worse than with snow.
and it also always looks nice
Now snow here in Ireland aswell, Dublin..
I actually hate snow so much even though i'm a fin.. Probably got enough of it while lived in Finland.
Bugger, had another 2 inches fall. All of this snow is becoming a massive pain in the arse.
Last night not only did we have snow, but a thunder and lighting storm while it was was pretty sweet.
Quote from P5YcHoM4N :Bugger, had another 2 inches fall. All of this snow is becoming a massive pain in the arse.

Just had to shovel snow from mine and my neighbours garden.

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