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Chucking it down here too now. I doubt it'll last long though, it never does.
All night long on the news it was "WE'RE GONNA DIE!" type snow forecasts. I wake up this morning and we have an inch if we are lucky.
Quote from Forbin : though they do use a LOT of salt.

Yeah, got the same problem here too. Especially since the semi-liquid ice/saltwater makes the roads here go super slippery. I rather have a layer of snow and crushed stones, or even simply snow + my trusty snow chains.
Well, predictions are that febuary will bring 72 centimeters of snow at my place. yay!
Quote from JPeace :yeah we had that too, apparently we are meant to have like 3 ft of snow today, its snowed yes, but nothing set and tbh its getting annoying with media constantly saying its the end of the world cos of snow, and then there isnt any.

That's because 'ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AND THE IMMIGRANTS CAUSED IT!! HOW WILL THE IMPENDING ARMAGEDDON AFFECT YOUR FAVOURITE CELEBRITIES?' sells more papers than 'We may get some snow, but probably won't. If we do, it'll melt.'

The media hasn't had anything to do with 'reporting news' for years.
Just had a big flurry come down and it settled immediately... meh
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Quote from Xaid0n :Just had a big flurry come down and it settled immediately... meh

That looks like The Netherlands! It has been snowing non-stop since 8.30

I dont mind it to be gone.
Yup well that's about 10 minutes worth of snow, it's stopped now, thank fook.... hope it won't snow again, or if it does, snow a lot so i won't have to go into college tomorrow (would be a dream as it's the last day before half term lol)
Wow, this has shaped up to be the best week ever. Originally we were supposed to have a half day thursday and no school friday (teacher training or something), but we missed tuesday and now wed, so it'll be a 1.5 day school weekat the most.
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Quote from shaun463 :Weird weather over in Kettering. It snowed, then hailed, then sleeted, then was as sunny and warm as hell! Then it snowed again. And again.

Its been like that here too, warm sunshine and snow, in the last 10 minutes its gone from lovely sunshine to a blizzard and not being able to see the end of the street.
Same here.

Snow. Sleet. Sunny/warm. Snow.
Just had a little downpour of snow. Been like the above aswell. Pretty annoying especially when i have to go outside it starts snowing. :grumpy:

They keep saying we are going to get quite a bit of Snow. I've checked BBC Weather and Met office. For me it just says Sleet/Sun/Cloud for the rest of the week.
Yeah, it's definitely snowing now. Roads are completely covered (have to be snowing good for that to happen here because we have plenty of snow removal trucks to keep up.)

I had to take the day off, not because of the snow but because my clothes washer broke and I can't wait a month for them to deliver. I had to drive my wife's mallrunner POS SUV in through the yard to the back basement steps because I wasn't carrying a 300 pound washer around the house on my back. So, I had to snowblow a path wide enough to manouver the truck around through the yard. It was plenty deep enough, way above the snowblower now.

My old pickup truck, I would have just driven right through the yard, snow and all....

Got the truck driven around, washer is installed and in a first cleaning cycle. Now I have to go out and do the 125 foot driveway and since my neighbor has people walking up the 3 feet of snow in her driveway to check on the house while she isn't home, I feel the neighborly thing to do is to go clear her drive out as well.

Fun fun fun. This is the first year having a snowblower. I'm having a blast.
Snow removal, winter tyres?

What are these things lol, the nearest thing we get to removal is a little (or in this case, no) grit scattered about on only the busiest roads, which causes most of the general population of the UK to shit their pants and drive through the town centre at about 5 mph, and we have no such thing as winter tyres as we just dont need em over here, all we need is people who actually know how to drive properly!

Seriously, there was about 2 or 3 inches on the roads tonight but only down the middle of the lanes, the bits where your wheels drive on were perfectly clear because traffic had driven on it and it had melted, but no, still people were pottering about like there car was going to turn in a fiery ball of death if they went any faster than that, plus it wasnt even snowing anymore.

Does my head in when people are so stupidly over cautious, i mean fair enough, you dont go tearing around at 100mph everywhere obviously, you drive to the conditions, but travelling along what is essentially nothing more than a wet road with a very light amount of snow in sight at practically jogging pace is just as ridiculous and dangerous as someone going too fast IMO.

There was of course my drifting incident lol, but that was off the main road and me messing about pushing it and overcooking it, which i obviously wouldnt do on the roads.

I do about 15 miles or so every day on untreated roads in a RWD car with a limited slip diff, wide tyres, and a habit of wanting to go constantly sideways, and if i can keep myself on busy roads surrounded by traffic by driving in a sensible fashion without doing 5pmh everywhere then im sure the majority of the population in their generic FWD shiteboxes should be able to as well!
we just had some snow here again, it was only snowing for literally 20 seconds before we had quite a bit, think its stopped now though but snowed for a good 10 minutes.
Few cm of snow has fallen once again. We've had a snowstorm this afternoon, where i had to drive through with my bike.
bah it started to snow again here a few hours ago, i'm quite p**d off now all streets were so slippery, some cars even didnt managed to stay on the road
damn we got pwnd! here in princeton we got lots and lots of snow,and still coming down! today and tomorrow im out of work !
right now its at 1.5 foot+ O.o
in some areas of the US plow trucks were called off the road
Quote from logitekg25 :in some areas of the US plow trucks were called off the road

yap,no1 is plowing here
I think we are done. Not much coming down in the past few hours. The snow in the yard is up to my hip. Wifey just got home and said roads are bad, but that's a woman talking. They are probably snow covered, but that's not what I call "bad". Bad is when the snow on the road is thick and you are actually needing to drive through the snow rather than on scraped and packed down snow.

Record breaking for February in Pittsburgh at 29.5 inches. 57.x inches for the winter total is #16th worst snowfall. We were a half an inch away from the record of 1994 for a single snowfall this past weekend, at least in Pittsburgh, the local city. Up where I am an hour+ north, it wasn't quite as bad.
Quote from JPeace :oh no your hair will get wet!

Just reminded me, I Need a haircut
Quote from Stiggie :Few cm of snow has fallen once again. We've had a snowstorm this afternoon, where i had to drive through with my bike.

Bike in like scooter/motorcycle or just a bicycle? I had to drive with the scooter in it, it was no fun.
holy crap it is back in force. 4 inches

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