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Quote from ATC Quicksilver :I hope it snows here tonight, enough so that I can justify not getting up at 9am to go into work. Although it would be quite fun trying to drive to work if it did snow, last time it snowed I was really ill and missed all the fun.

I would wish for the same but my boss has already told me snow is no excuse not to come to work...
Quote from Jakg :I would wish for the same but my boss has already told me snow is no excuse not to come to work...

Well it probably wouldn't be an excuse where I work, but Christmas is the quietest time of the year for us so I don't think they would give a shit.
Weeeeeee, that was fun. In town it was fine (though everyone else stuck to 10mph just in case). In the sticks it was slippery. Once I got into 2nd gear I was okay, as I could hold the slides on the throttle and steering and stay in my lane. Getting moving was okay, but the tyres wanted to spin, so balancing revs, wheelspeed, gear and road direction was interesting - too few revs and the tyres started to vibrate in an odd way (no, it wasn't the engine or 'box), too many and they just lit up. Having said that, wheelspin heated them up, so improved grip afterwards.

I love driving in poor conditions. Even in a FWD car there is so much you can do to get the car to go where you want it. Everyone should be forced at some point in their lives to drive quite quickly in low grip conditions, and be taught what the controls in a car REALLY do.
Whos got snow?
just wondered who has snow and how much ive got about 5-10 inches here in woodbridge schools shut so snowball fights all day how about others
about 3/4 of an inch up in bolton/bury
we have some also...
Wooooow, never seen this much snow in my life o_O.... best thing about it, last day of college and it's shut lmao... I'm happy
Had some for a few weeks now. About 16" total ... or so at the moment.
nowt but a pathetic dusting in Oxford overnight
I'm writing this whilst driving around a big roundabout in Kettering. I have time to write this whilst driving around a major interchange because in the last hour I've moved 15 metres. I even had time to get out and pee in the middle of the roundabout - and by a strange stroke of fate I even had some loo roll in the car. People looked at me strangely when I disappeared into the shrubs, but I feel better for it
Well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!
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Still snowing on and off here, it snowed all night.
Just frost and ice here, think Loughborough is the only place to not get snow in England lol
Nothing down here except a bitter wind. Bit of a let down really, but nevermind.
Had a few days of proper cold here now. Was -10C this morning, and the forecast for tomorrow is 8" of snow! Hope to god I get my parts for the car so I can fix it tomorrow morning. AWD, LSD and snow is the best combo EVER!
Quote from DevilDare :Funny to see the cars basically crawl and the drivers looking scared out of their lives.

Edit - Added picture. Taken about 40mins ago or so. Now its almost twice the "amount".

Can't why drivers are afraid of that
We had something like this in here:
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I'm laughing at the sun's pathetic attempts to melt all the snow, neighbour has gone out with a shovel and it looks like hes hell bent on clearing the entire town, hes going all the way up the street, ahhh bless.

Two blizzards lasting all night in a year, can't remember that ever happening down here before.
Some random snoooooooow pictures:

Der P-Wagon:

Nice view from the inside:

Side window wasn't much better:

Should give you an idea of how thick it was:

Snow seemed to like my wheels:

And my Dad's, too:

Some more in the Camera Showoff Thread.
Are you luks.s's brother?

(my Dad's one is faster...)
I did some donuts and stuff with my dads Jeep, it's fun!
Quote from G!NhO :I did some donuts and stuff with my dads Jeep, it's fun!

Thats why you drive whit RB4
Here's some random piccies, back garden/out front/snowman on a car... unbelievably fun to drive... well seems so from a passenger point of view
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don't care about snow much, just that cold is killing me, it was -20c when i wen't to work today, and half of the time i had to be outside ....grrr!

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