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VW Scirocco release plan
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Quote from obsolum :I am sure the devs will take suggestions they deem good enough into account in due time.

Adding the Sirocco to LFS was a unique opportunity for the devs, though, so naturally they put a lot of other stuff on hold in order to get the car ready for the GC. It's only common sense. It would have been a very bad decision to pass up on that opportunity because they had to implement a favourite server list.

Surely you can see that this was the only sensible decision, business and marketing wise?

You're correct, why miss out on an opportunity? Amp should realise the devs didn't CHOOSE to create a new car, it was an opportunity that arose so they took it.
Quote from amp88 :Sigh.

What I'm saying is this: the Improvement Suggestions subforum is full of user-submitted suggestions of how to improve LFS. A lot of those suggestions have a lot of backing from members of the community. Why don't the dev team take those into account rather than creating a new car?

It's a fair question. The reason they took on the car is because the opportunity arose to take it on. The alternative would have been to lose the opportunity. The improvement suggestions section is also full of suggestions about wanting new cars, and real cars too.

It's likely that the BF1 and the FBM took development time away from other areas as well when they were an opportunity to be taken, or not.

I think it made good sense all 'round to take the opportunity to include the VWS. It's not ideal for everyone, but it's a win all the same.
Quote from amp88 :Sigh.

What I'm saying is this: the Improvement Suggestions subforum is full of user-submitted suggestions of how to improve LFS. A lot of those suggestions have a lot of backing from members of the community. Why don't the dev team take those into account rather than creating a new car?

I don't see how that is selfish and I'm not an angry person. I'm asking what I think is a valid question. Why is it a stupid question and why does it make me selfish/angry?

I think some people were to quick to jump down you’re throat mate, the points you bring are valid, however the Devs had the opportunity to develop this car and grabbed it with both hands. There were approached by VW and offered this deal, and the Devs agreed but by doing so in their own terms (kudos’ to sticking to you’re guns btw) and this could have been viewed as a one in a million chance, I don’t think it’s every day a game developed by three guys gets a major company knocking on the door and asking to play. This may have meant that some suggestions from the community took a lower priority, but I’m sure LFS will see the benefit from this.
Because from the deveolpers standpoint, the Scirocco was the most important new feature.
Of course, it's important to cater the existing userbase, but as LfS is't subscription based, Scavier has to attract new players to be able to continue working on LfS.

Now what will you think will attract more people, a new RL car that is sporty enough to be exiting and common enough for everyone to relate to, or underlying physics changes?

Now in no way I want to suggest that physics are less important than content for the sim, but it needs a new surge of players (read: money) once in a while to strive on.
Quote from amp88 :Sigh.

What I'm saying is this: [...] Why don't the dev team take those into account [nai: now!] rather than creating a new car?

You're assuming that the devs don't take into account, period. I'd be bsing if I said they do take into account. The only fact is that we don't know for sure, we can only speculate. Actually we could not speculate, but where's the fun in that

The second point I'd like to make is that you want some improvements over other improvements. I want different improvements to be prioritised. We all have our reasons for why this should be done before that. I'm sure the devs have their project plans and imo it would be Sparta to let even the forum majority's opinion rule over their own schedules.

TLDR: just because the improvements you wanted weren't released now doesn't necessarily imply it won't be their turn, eventually.
Quote from BlueFlame :If there's existing problems that are important to the community in general, then yes I see your point, but still, you are reluctant to let LFS grow because you fear it will bring a certain type of players/people that you don't like or, you assume that you don't. You can't honestly say that you feel like this because you are trying to spare new players of these problems you feel are in desperate need of attention, so why not just let LFS grow? I don't have any problems with LFS myself, so a new car for me is a must as I was beginning to lack interest, other than on the forums of course.

I never said I didn't want the type of players who would be attracted by the Scirocco to come to LFS. What I said was that they would probably be put off by some of the missing features/flaws. If I had said I didn't want them to come then I would really be selfish. The comment I made about not being able to separate demo and S1/S2 content is because the driving standard is generally a lot lower with demo racers than it is with licensed S1/S2 drivers. In the past this was easy to differentiate by having the ability to create hosts specifically for demo/S1/S2. Now that isn't the case.
Well, I think it would be nice to get something in the game which has been asked a lot on forums instead of something we already have. Naturally that's my personal opinion, I see the scirocco and fbm as something that have taken time and effort away from something more important.

The LX8, even if canned, gets asked to be put into the game constantly, a GTR with mid engine, an rwd competitor to the fwd GTRs, rallycross. All that is not just asked all the time but would actually add to the game.

When I saw the release announcement for fbm before its release I slapped my forehead in disappointment. When I saw the scirocco I feel even the more disappointed. It is like perfect example of giving the active community something it never wanted instead of something it keeps asking but never gets.
Quote from amp88 :That's not a very elegant solution to the problem is it? What happens if you only want to allow 10 guests and you don't want to have to load a layout every time you start the server?

Well it just depends what you see as a problem. The fact that licensed demo racers can join some hosts, is to me not a problem, but part of the solution. Demo racers are now not a separate sub community with their own rules, they are part of the wider LFS community. Consequently the problem - that demo servers used to be like hell on earth - no longer exists.

Quote from amp88 :Ok, so VW didn't pay to get the car in but there are so many improvement suggestions that have been sitting around for months/years that would take less than a week to research, develop and implement. Why does a new car come above those? The type of people who are going to be attracted to LFS because they saw a youtube video are the same type who are going to be instantly put off by a lack of features (like a favourites list for servers...).

Just to be clear, we need to take this kind of opportunity when it arises. If we can put a real car in LFS on our terms, that is a good thing. Though that is not to say we will take every car we are offered, far from it. But we liked this car.

Also I must point out that let's say you take 1000 LFS racers. Now take a list of their top number one priority. You'll probably get at least 200 different answers (wild guess). So each of those people might be wondering when a new patch comes out, why was their top feature not implemented, even though it's so obviously an important feature. Well... they may be right but it just takes time, a LOT of time to do those 200 features.
:laola::bounce8:lowzers :o ^_^ christmas present :yipee::wmann3:
I can't be the only one who is thinking that we have something new that we have (as a community) in fact been asking for.

For a good couple of years now, people have posted up wanting a newer hot-hatch with approx 200BHP. We are now getting one, and as a bonus it is a proper, real life car.

There's bound to be other improvements, but we won't know until we see the list of changes when the patch is released. We might have a favourites list, we might have other new things that are user suggested (but most likely thought of first by the Devs anyway), and we might not. We have to wait and see

Another car to make some fun hehe

Thank You. I am happy
Great news, now i really gotta get the S2
I love the addition of any new car. Especially if this is a decent looking, real production car. On of the downsides of LFS is the anonymity of the car models.
It’s not for me but it is for many other peoples. Anyone who loves the LFS as a project, can understand why it is good to attract a wider range of sim racers.
(Considering that, a real track addition would be awesome)

Taking it for my point of view of the sim, the addition of any FWD car and infact, any car right now is not what I need.
Especially FWD cars demonstrate in a very profound way the inaccuracy of the tire load sensitivity model…
It is that bad that I am getting sick every time I accidentally look the setup screen of an fwd car… not to mention driving it.
I realy can’t stand that out of space ability the tires have, to give sufficient grip no matter how high loaded they are. This makes anti roll bars and relevant spring stiffness a useless factor defying the grip distribution between the rear and the front axel. Bouncing, damping and diffs work really well… and that’s about it, the rest of the suspention only controls the bounce rate of the car, tire wear (oh yes) and grip distribution between the two driven by the engine wheels, making differentials the most effective factor of the car’s behavior.

What do we get by this? Exclusively locked diff setups with loads of under steer in the corner entry, even by just lifting off the throttle, not to mention braking… and plenty of oversteer (oh yeah in an FWD car) exiting the corner.
And how to reduce the corner entry understeer and give some more corner exit oversteer? Just increase the front arb stiffness and/or reduce the rear… put some more damping to the harder end to balance out the car’s hoping and weight transitions… and voila the perfect FWD setup.
Quote from Bean0 :There's bound to be other improvements

Yep, and really looking forward to to this:
Quote from Scawen :More information next week!

That's just more information on the Scirocco

Great news!
That will be great virtual christmas gift
the maxi dot really works
I don't like to fill up this thread with more of the same but I really want to say thankyou for this update, I really appreciate it and continue to love lfs year on year. .
Course i like the new car but the novelty will wear off after a few days and it will just be something slapped in the middle of the XFG and FXO, boring to drive etc, we want proper stuff we can get our hands dirty with!

Also, on the new helmet i noticed Vic's green visor is that new or has it always been like that?
Quote from pearcy_2k7 :
Also, on the new helmet i noticed Vic's green visor is that new or has it always been like that?

It's always been possible, There's a small shape in one of the corners of the skin file that affects the Visor Tint.
Quote from Danas :Is this a bug or something? Im getting this for all cars. I extracted all of the files normaly, the old viewer works fine.

EDIT. The pics with the dirstorted image are when i am in the viewer in windowed mode, when in full screen there are only the textures missing.

I have the same problem
yay, finally! gotta wait till viewer loads
Waaaaa tnx for the annoucment Scawen. We love u
I hope the devs have been studying iRacing & nKP piror to these physics updates
I only have one question/concern:

Limited setup options or standard fit "LFS-Handling-Adjustment-Pack"?

If it has been asked and answered already, apologies.

Other than that I'm interested to see what it will be like, but really I'm hoping the patch brings something else too.
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VW Scirocco release plan
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