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UK LFS meet, All Welcome
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If anyone is traveling from somewhere near Devon, and wouldn't mind a passenger...
Should hopefully be driving by the time of this though, test next month and hopefully get a car soon too, not certain though.
Will pay deposit as soon as I'm sure I can do this
Is it October 22nd yet? I can't wait...
ok guys, one (awkward ) guy has asked for us to provide those who are coming from afar a place to meet early, to make more of a day of saturday, so do u have any suggestions (if u are one of these people who want to come early, or just have a good idea) of where 40+ people can meet up before the event?

We need a place where all these people can chill out (without alchol) and not outstay our welcome.

he was looking at arriving at 9, so we need some sort of venue that we can stay in from 9am until 2pm... any ideas?
Maybe it's late, but I didn't understand that.

So I'll translate.

Bascially, some people will be arriving early, so we need somewhere we can chill out (without alcohol) beforehand as a group. Ideally this will be a free place, as it's gonna cost enough money as it is. Any suggestions where we could go.

Will (Senna) knows the area, so he can check out any ideas you guys have. Perhaps a nice pub (but NO drinking alcohol before hand if driving), a cafe, a park (with rides), or something like that. Even a free conference centre of suchlike, but that's likely to start costing money...
hi, if anyone coming has a laptop with the ability to do all technical stuff with video and a CD Writer, pls PM me, we are looking into onboard cameras.

We can always just meet in a pub or something, we don't have to drink alcohol and if we are meeting early then we can also get some food in before the racing begins.

yea true, i will have to look around for a big pub, im fairly sure how many are driving at the moment, but the influx of spectators could bump up the numbers a bit.

i would think about 40 odd people will be coming including drivers, maybe many more, and its only been 48 hours since the thread began LOL

fordie will have the info in by the end of tommorow
Wow, that's a lot of spectators. Man I better put on a good performance for them. Will there be a burnout competition?

For an "early risers" venue, couldn't you just sit at the local 'Spoons? they're usually large pubs.
yea, i was thinking that too, the problem is, i dont know if they serve lunches (no, not liquid ones)
well this is deffinatly looking a good meet up. I might come up depending on what my funding situation is. Even if no room for a race it would be nice to be at the meet.

Wouuld be nice for one of these events in the london area (hint for future events)

Hope to see you in october guys.
I'll be coming down to heckle and generally make a nuisance of myself, not going to race but I'd need a hotel space
I'll (probably) be driving so if anyone needs a lift I'll be travelling from Manchester
Oh well I tried. The hotel cannot offer any discount as they don't do group / corporate bookings.

They are pretty busy that weekend, so I guess you need to start booking your hotel Rooms.

Their Number is 01604 608900 and its the Ibis.

Also there is the Travel Lodge -
This is 2miles from karting Track, so Taxi will be couple of pounds.

Also this one - Best Western. Only 1.9miles away, and same average price range.

And for the Devs - Marriot Hotel. LOL

Also, would all CONFIRMED driver please can you drop me a PM with your email address, just so I can keep a tidy contacts list

And I rang gpkarting just to confirm payment details, and guess who was there, getting in some extra practice.......W.DENDY :eclipseeh

Bah, in that case we can kick him to the back of the grid for having an advantage.

I'll continue looking at onboard cameras later tonight. You need a light camera really,so we'd have to look at buying one, unless anyone HERE has a camera suitable for helmet mounting. If so, PM me.

Angry Angel, any chance you'll be able to film driver interviews pre and post race. If we also to replay analysis, we (Fordie and Me at least) can make a LFS-TV Style programme, much like the F1 ITV coverage (only with James 'I'm an idiot' Allen, and Jim 'I don't understand motor-racing' Rosental).
lol shauny, the lady at GP said she'd dropped me in it

i was just training scotty up a litte, hes quick now!

28.7x was his best, on a less grippy track... watch out tristan!

hes a light little bugger too :/ lucky im not against him

@ Tristan, im up for making a LFS-TV video, i can be the good looking knowledgeable one.
hehe , u've dropped me in it as well now mate
Quote from tristancliffe :Angry Angel, any chance you'll be able to film driver interviews pre and post race

I'll do [almost] anything you want with that camera
I'd like to pay a visit to the UK and take part in the race.

With so many people interested, would it be possible to make teams of three drivers and increase the race length? At our karting event in germany we did this several times and it worked out quite well.
With so much interest ( has really surprised me honestly ) and now possibly 3 drivers flying over from Germany ( Three Jump, BBO and GP4Flo ) I think we need to look into this Will?

Raise it to 2 hrs and extend teams to 3? Price difference is 2 hr race - £160.00 per team.

So if we had 3 drivers per team, that would make it £53.33 per driver, instead of the £60 atm?

Each driver would get 45mins of driving this way?

Whats your thoughts

sounds like a good idea to me.

will it be a 45 min stint or 45 min split into a few runs? (1st time i went karting i did a 30 min stint and that killed me )
I think that's a great idea. That would mean that andyc can come in the [4SR] team where he belongs

*Whipers to Will* it seems we get off lightly for practicing already
stop cheating:tempted:
me...?? cheating???

Naa, we will have you when we come. I am bringing some lead weights with me as ballest. You know testing outside the race is illegal
I'm just going to chop my legs off and replace them with wooden sticks.
That's gotta save a few pounds at least, i'll be flying. :detective
Quote from AndyC :I'm just going to chop my legs off and replace them with wooden sticks.
That's gotta save a few pounds at least, i'll be flying. :detective


UK LFS meet, All Welcome
(492 posts, started )