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Yeah I think that would be usefull TAA/Angry/Angel/Karl
im loving the park idea, i hope tristan doesnt get injured

yea theres a park right near the track, maybe i can try to remember where it is. theres also a park in abbington, which is quite a trek, but its quality, its got swings and slides and a wooden train and everything!!!

i doubt many people would be able to find abbington park, due to northamptons crap traffic arrangements, so maybe we could meet at GP and drive in a convoy/race to the park.

EDIT : Idea, i can draw or find a map for everyone to have, taking GP karting as the starting point, then everyone will know how to get to the park. im sure anyone on the train could hitch a lift or get a taxi there.

Theres a pub right near the park called 'The Abbington' which is a big pub and maybe we can all grab a bite to eat.

theres also a lovely spoons called 'The Moon on the Square' in the town centre, litterally 2 mins walk from the Ibis Hotel, maybe we could buy a few beverages from there after the race.
P.S. once u guys get your deposits in and we have good numbers, i can get that big trophy made and post a piccie here

its gunna be 37cm high and i thought of the wording

Live For Speed Karting Championships 2005 - Winner

thats ok?
Quote from Bob Smith :Yeah I think that would be usefull TAA/Angry/Angel/Karl

Yes Mr Smith
how about, Bob, that we settle on Angry A? :P
Hey, I was just trying to make your lives easier, but in a way I could understand :P

Tbh, "I dont care if your mum calls me steve - as long as she can spell it"
hey guys, please dont ignore this post. im serious lol

would u rather have 1 big trophy to share between team mates and receive the standard trophies from GP, or would u rather have 2 smaller trophies and the standard prizes from GP? This is the winners trophy btw.

the big one looks very nice, but the smaller ones can be kept by both people as a little memento (but dont look quite so good)
hmm, i'm not sure, medium sized ones would be gud =)
Hmm, 22nd is in the middle of 1/2 term holiday, when we're probably going away....
I'll see what I can do
Quote from ayrton senna 87 :im loving the park idea, i hope tristan doesnt get injured

Please don't aim for me on the pitch Will

Seriously, if we DO have a kickabout, or some other park activity, then it's probably best if we ALL agree to go easy on the drivers a bit, because injuring them (or me) would mean a massively wasted day for that person.

Just a thought. I'm crap at football (and I mean REALLY crap), so injuring me will provide no extra scoring opportunities :P
hehe, I'm not on tristans team

a few weeks ago i made the track we are visiting on autocorss editor. The track is a bit too narrow...

here it is

also, i was looking through the karting photos today and i notice that me and tristan have been 'infected' by LFS somehow? I was told that these names were following us for the whole event. Its a mystery!
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the layout is very good. Not sure about how acurate turn 3 is but the rest is nice :P
Quote from ayrton senna 87 :
its gunna be 37cm high and i thought of the wording

Live For Speed Karting Championships 2005 - Winner

thats ok?

Perhaps mention 'UK' in there somewhere?

If everyone finds their way to the park (or whatever we agree), I'm sure there will be plenty of space in peoples cars to take those without transport to the track.
Ah thanks for the track Will, will give the MRT5 a go around there later, get a feel for it.

Edit: Ah bloody hell, those turns are tight! I tried the LX4 first and had to make three point turns. Even in the MRT5 I had to put the steering lock up from normal. Now a question - what way am I supposed to go, blue or green? (see attached image)
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Green. Blue is the pitlane.
yea im not very happy with how narrow it is in that mid section, although the 1st turn is pretty good i think, what do u think tristan?

whats your best time so far? doing it in the UF is fun too!

PS i have 2 28cm trophies ordered for the winners of the event, aswell as the 6 normal trophies for all the top 3 positions. although it seems that everyone going to this event will be winners!
I think it's quite inaccurate really. Sorry.

The chicaney bit on the straight is further away from T1. I know, cos I hit it, and it was a big long slide before I made contact.
T2 (the long sweeper) is a longer corner I think. You could get the karts really sideways scrubbing off speed for the apex of 3.
The whole track should be a touch wider, based on the MRT's extra dimensions over a kart.

Not a BAD effort, but not quite accurate enough.

Having said that, as a tool to learn the track I guess it's okay. I haven't actually driven it yet (at the time of writing), so I have no idea how quick I'll be. I've only looked at it in Shift-U mode. When I drive it, I'll report back...
Best time attached. I'm soo close to getting a 19.xx though. Just got to get a bit smoother.

Edit: I agree Tristan that the track does feel very narrow. A lot of the track would be single file in MRT5s.
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I had a bash, to see what I'm going to be missing out on - good god thats narrow. Is it to scale, or just roughly done?
yea its not to scale, its too narrow, it was my first ever attempt at making a track, and i didnt have the track infront of me at the time i made it.

it was just to give u an idea of where the corners go tho, that was my main intention, so people dont spend the practise session learning which corner comes next, instead of getting faster.

Good idea nonetheless - I can see its going to be an exciting set of races
set of races? Just one race my friend :P A long one. HURRAH for endurance.

/me starts training...

Yeah c'mon if you can make the track more realisitic that would be great.
Jeez, I'm doing 21s and 22s... Fancy posting your setup :P

UK LFS meet, All Welcome
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