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UK LFS meet, All Welcome
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Too far for me >< If it was somewhere in the South East, close to London or Berkshire, then I'd definatly be up for it!

Oh well, maybe next time
Regarding Hotels, are we all going to try and book the same one? as it might be nice as an after party for of thing, night drink in the hotel bar? Also seeing people off in the morning?

Just a thought

yeah that wouldn't be bad actually
Dammit. Need money. NOW.


Student. Will do (almost) anything for money. Very good with PCs. Taking degree in Computer Networking. You owe it to your country.

tell you what Bob. If you took a train up to Haslemere from Portsmouth...I might give you a lift Mind you, my car's a Micra so it'd be a bit small :P
£7.50 return. Sounds a bit more manageable. It's ok about space, my legs are detachable anyway
lol that must be convenient :P well, there are only 3 of us in it so it shouldn't be so bad
how about madman law and bob?
looking forward to meet you all in october
I think Laws is also taking Dumass (aka Tux, aka Jon).

And 3J - I've already met you :P This time, try to be more, err, awake :P I'll promise not to hacksaw/mod anything if you do... Or wear the summery shirt. Well, I won't promise about the shirt, but the hacksawing bit I will...
Hi All. After speaking to Victor I have re-done a thread that contains in 1 post all the information you need. Please don't spame this thread, only if you are driving from somewhere and you could offer people a lift.

Thank you all for your responces, and just to let you all know that, this will be the BIGGEST SOLE LFS MEETING to Date. Yes there has been the GC etc etc, but this event is solely on LFS drivers and nothing more.

Thanks again for making this possible


I was awake, you were just not really able to see it
maybe you hid behind your dropping eye-lids... :P
Quote from tristancliffe :I think Laws is also taking Dumass (aka Tux, aka Jon).

yes, im beeing tied to the roof because my legs are too long :P
Quote from ayrton senna 87 :how about madman law and bob?

Assuming he confirms (he's financially restrained atm, like me) then he'll be travelling however I do. If someone can only give one of us a lift then we'll have to get the train, I can't not travel with him. Besides if it wasn't for me pesting him to come with me he'd be £££ better off.
well, we might have to put Tux in the boot to save room :P OK, Bob, we'll see what we can do.
Hi Guys, some great news for you. I can confirm that Scawen and Victor will be coming in October, and also, they will be racing the Enduro Race.

My thanks to them both, as I know they are busy. :Handshake



PS - There is only 1 space left unconfirmed
i alreay knew, but to see u writing those words on this forum is very exciting indeed!

thanks for your support in the way of gracing us with your precence scawen anr victor, very much aprrectiated

ps, we are letting them win
that's great news. Looking forward to meeting both of you.

Good news, should be a great day

great news! but no eric?
guys, i will be making numbered tickets to talk to the devs. Everyone is allocated a number, when your number is called u have 5 minuites to talk to them, then its the next persons turn.

ROFL jokin, although i hope people dont pester them too much.

/me looks for my autograph book
Quote from dUmAsS :great news! but no eric?

Aye its a shame, but Eric cannot make it, but they are sending the Flying Dutchman

UK LFS meet, All Welcome
(492 posts, started )