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ok, i have updated the list on page 2 with the definite people, and will carry on to do so

We need 1 more team, if the dev team came, then we would have all 10 work your magic fordie, its worth a shot
Just to confirm, me and sidepants would like to make up a team.

We may add a third personlater for financial reasons, but we are both definately up for it.
im 80% sure i can go. got a job interview tomorrow, so ill be ordering my car if i get the job. then i can 100% go. otherwise ill start walking and meet you there
Yay Tux.

James - any thoughts about coming? Train from you to Reading/West Drayton/Heathrow kinda area can't be hard can it? Then a drive up with me (the scary bit).
Quote from dUmAsS :otherwise ill start walking and meet you there

Nah, get on ya bike, you could cycle it in a day. I don't know where in Hampshire you live mind, but it's ~120 miles from Portsmouth and I've cycled 80 in a day before. Your legs might turn to jelly though so have plenty of rests.

Alternatively, if you're feeling uber fit, you could dig a canal, fill it with water and swim there. Although of course you wouldn't need to, since having dug the canal you'd already be there. Ahem.

Seriously, could you not get a coach? It's like the train, only slower and less comfortable, but it does cost less. Oh, but unlike trains, they are more prone to getting lost.
And they have a habit of having smelly people on board too. Of course, you might (and I stress might) be one of the smelly ones that other people object to, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Alternative route would be to take skydiving lessons and arrive from the heavens in style...
get up off the floor and consider what we've said...
lets see what happens in the next week first
I'll be making the 2nd driver from [4SR] to come and I'll ask andy as well. Looking forward to it
If I'm driving by then dUmAsS, I might beable to come down to Hampshire first, then upto the meet (fingers crossed for the test and saving enough I suppose)
has anyone emailed the devs to see if they will be coming?
we should probably do that =)

If they come it would be great. No crashing into the devs oryou'll get no S3
Snewham added as confirmed

I think fordie will be e-mailing them, because of all the stuff he does for them, he talks to them sometimes... we must make sure we dont pester them too much if they did come haha!
I'd be awe too much to bug them, I fear :bounce8:
I want to see how scawen handles his car :P
haha, well if only i had the cash

man i seem to live near an awful lot of you . i live in guildford near a few of you. and my dad/step mum live in ickenham (right next to uxbridge near tristancliffe)
Spectators/ sarcastic commentators welcome

aswell as being about the racing, its also a little LFS get together, to put faces to names, so we know who we are swearing at, as fordman would say

It would be good if u could come, the more the merrier!
btw Will, I'm going to ask Ash, so that would make 4 people from [4SR]
we cant really be selfish and have 2 teams m8, sorry but the places are limited, and theres quite a few people in the UK who play LFS!
Me and Ash will make a team called (insert something funny) then.

well, spaces are limited, if we have any drop outs or anything then it would be great to have ash come i would love to have him come, but its a little too late for him to drive, maybe people wanting to drive/ whatever could PM fordie... the thread is getting a little cluttered lol
OK what we have here is a over subscribed event. Now this has to be a first come 1st serve basis now.

I know everybody want to attend and wants to race, but we are limited to 10 teams( due to track size )

If you want 3 per team, then we will leave this totally up to you, as 1 it will cost you per driver less, but, also your track time will be less, so this is totally up to you.

Teams - I want to make this totally clear. You don't have to race in a team to join this event. This event is open to anybody from anywhere that wants to meet fellow LFS Racers. We are all here for the same reason, and like the T7R party I had, we chatted about experiences and fun we had, and generally had a good laugh.

As soon as the deposits have been reached, then we will say so here, and also if anybody drops out, then we will also publish this also.

Any Questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. You should have my contact details by now.

Kind Regards

To wrap all these threads into 1, here is the details.

Date ----> Saturday 22nd October ( 1 week before my 30th Birthday )
Time-----> 3pm started. U will need to be there by 2pm
Venue---> st. james industrial estate, Northampton, right near the train station

Cost----> £120 per team. Now if you have 2 drivers that £60 per driver, but if you have 3, then obviously thats less per driver, but also that less on track time.

Where to Stay

Now we have sourced 2 places to say that is close to the Karting track and swiftys. ... _code=&x=105&y=16

This is £21 per night, and approx a few miles away ... bi/3657/fiche_hotel.shtml

This is £40 per night, and is 5mins away via Taxi

The plan, so far. Is meet up, have a chat about what ever we wish. Then race it our in karts. Get our trophies and then head back to swifty's for lfs, some beer and a few laughs and order pizza. Then head on over to hotel bar for a few more drinks and some more discussions.

until we finally give up.

Now we have suggested 2 payment methods but if you all think of a better way, let me know

Now all we need is to get definate Names and deposits.

You will need to book ur hotel room.



UK LFS meet, All Welcome
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