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I'm up for a longer race. As the event has been moved forwards in time a few hours, this leaves more room later for extra laps...

Can we do this, and if so what extra costs are we looking at?

Anyone found cheating (i.e. testing, practicing etc) since 4 days ago onwards will be slapped until they can't see straight, spun around 25 times, then let out on the track on a mini-moto. If they can lap under 20 seconds they race, if not, they don't :P

You'd probably find wooden legs of sufficient strength weighed more than flesh and bone. Unless you use balsa wood.
I'll bring, instead of a hacksaw, a wood saw. And a hacksaw...
Quote from tristancliffe :You'd probably find wooden legs of sufficient strength weighed more than flesh and bone. Unless you use balsa wood.

I might try cucumbers.
You think my saws will not cope with common or garden vegetables and fruit? You'd be wrong Mr.!
Yes but remember you got your 'saws' from playskool, so i may have a chance.
Now, now children....calm down :P
calm down, theres no point in getting excited, its only for fun

but we all know 4SR will win! scotty has had my training course
Yoh Shaun can you pencil Catalyst as dE 3rd team m8, if it goes to 3, he will let us know for sure next week, just put ? by his name for us..

Use you as ballest, lets hope the tarmac isn't soft...
ok my list is updated with your request gopher and the new drivers coming from Germany. i have done the teams with a 3 driver format as it seems people favour this :/
My concern is that we all forget that we are racing real life, and start taking each other out...

Also for cost cutting dont forget about room sharing if your staying over Shaun find out what size rooms they have and so it now Shaun, thats why 3j is coming, he was the only thin one on the pic, he's the only one that would beable to share a room with you...:huepfenic
its not so much forgeting that we are racing real, its more remembering that we arent playing LFS

karting is alot more agressive than LFS, as tristan will probably tell u. he seemed to get into the spirit of it, the way he was overtaking some people was very risky hehe
Nothing wrong with that. 3 places in 3 29 second laps was GREAT fun!
the title of this thread has become wrong, its more like LFS Europe Meet, all welcome

i bet when i tell the peeps at GP that people are coming from all over europe to come karting there they will be like wtf?!!

by the way, the initials of me, tristan and fordman are wtf, so call us that now rofl (joke)

Note to self - Thats enough spam for now
In that case, can I hope for some spectatular LFS style crashes to occur Tristan?
sorry to dissapoint u angry angel, but no

his overtaking was very safe, and commited, which is safer than this half hearted stuff of the youth of today (my neck actually hurts bad scotty)

some fool, who shant be named, smashed into the side of me today, and then forced me into the wall, because he forgot to 'present' himself
whats the lag like at this kart place? will we have a lag lap?
Ouch, sounds like you've got some bad whip lash there senna

Out of interest, what the hell is a 'lag lap'?!

As an aside, you guys may find it easier to call me 'taa', 'angel' or 'angry' - a lot of people seem to end up doing it online, and it'll definately save you typing in the long run Alternatively you could always call me Karl (although that always sounds weird to me)
Quote from the_angry_angel :what the hell is a 'lag lap'?!

on my lfs at least. sometimes on the 1st lap it *can* lag badly compared to other laps
:doh: ah, sounds like what I've started to call T1 Syndrome
Hi All,

OK lets calm this thread down a little here shall we. I have requested that people drop me a PM ( who are confirmed and are coming ) and only 3 people have done that so far?

I am waiting confirmation from gp karting that we can extend to 2hrs as they had to get back to me on this.

So we have 2 outstanding issues atm.

1 ----> People has said, yes I am confirmed and not yet PM'd me your
email address.

2 ----> Will has to find a place to house us all before hand. I had a look on
the internet and there is a Wetherspoons, but does seem a little
walk away? Will whats that pub at the end of the road, near the
traffic Lights?

I will put a nice reminder on the first thread

PM's. I suspect I didn't need to, what with me being one of the original starters of this event, and the fact we talk regularly on MSN, but perhaps it'll set an example for others...
Given the projected number of people, I can see the awkwardness of finding somewhere to meet up before hand. What about something general like a park? Plenty of space (and hopefully plenty of car spaces) and we can have a kick about or something.
Good Idea P1lot. Kick about? kick about with what, a rodent :Kick_Can_ LOL
I'm up for the park option. Has anyone nearby got a football we can use? I'm not a big fan of football, but a kick about with LFSers sounds fun.

A Wetherspoons is also a good idea.

As long as we know how and when to get to the track, then we don't ALL have to stick together. Some can lounge in a park, others can sit in a pub, whilst others still can harass old ladies etc.
Sounds like a plan. Perhaps nearer the time we should exchange phone numbers as well, so that we can actually find each other if we're lost!

UK LFS meet, All Welcome
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