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i'm 16, catching the train up in the morning. I'll get the cheque done in the next few days.
btw, I know someone who works for Max Power, should I ask him if they wanted to maybe do a one page review on the whole event?
uhm a shame that I cant come - damn this studying ;P - but heh, next time prolly ;D

I hope Flo will arrange some kinda autograph hour and sell those cards later, so I can get one :P
I shall send my deposit to you Ford once I get a hold of your address in which I shall send the cheque
Quote from snewham :btw, I know someone who works for Max Power, should I ask him if they wanted to maybe do a one page review on the whole event?

erm, no. I think Fordie has stuff like that in hand.

Max Power lol
just a thought. because i dont have a cheque book and if i pay using paypal, you wont receive 100% of it due to paypal fees. would i be able to pay by debit card if i phone up the karting place?
well dumb arse,

the deposit is 50% of the whole fees, for example i could pay it in 1 go, but i dont wanna have to try to get 600 quid off drunken people later in the day, so me and GP decided it would be best if each driver payed their deposit individually, anyone who didnt pay, couldnt come, so its not actually possible to pay 30 quid for YOU, because it is actually all 1 lump... ask your mum/ dad to write a cheque m8, or give the cash to fordie, im sure he would be happy to write u a cheque.
ok mr senna :P
Quote from tristancliffe :erm, no. I think Fordie has stuff like that in hand.

Max Power lol

well it doesn't seem like it. What contacts does he have? does it matter what magasine it is? if we got it in any magasine then it would be major coverage and promotion for lfs.
well, (and this is a personal opinion, and yes I have read it once or twice) I think it would attract the wrong kind of reader. Too much fake burberry, 'phat' exhausts and 'My IQ is lower than yours' neons.

I think a local TV station, or a more sensible magazine might be better. Like PF Format (perhaps a bit too geeky though :S)
Hi All,

For simple questions regarding this event, please can you aim them at Senna and Tristancliffe. I will answer all PM's where possible.

I am about, just busy getting ESL Running, as it starts on Monday.

Thanks again to one and all.


but the likleyhood of getting one of them to review the event if we don't have a contact in one of those magasines is very low and you are wrong, the average max power reader is not a chav.
why would they want to review a bunch of lfs players racing and getting drunk? or is scawen bringing s3
Yeah avoid Max Power PLEASE.

Evo had a nice review of racing in GT4 when that came out, anybody have a contact for one of them? Great writing and I think they're just the sort of people that would really appreciate LFS. The only downside I can see is the lack of real tracks (from their perspective), but then surely it must get boring racing the same tracks in every game?
to be honest, its worth a shot

i will contact the guy from PC Zone, i think he was flamed unfairly about the demo, because it IS full of fools.... (i hope im ok to say that) i think it would be good for him to meet some of the 'propers' and its another person to race with aswell maybe he could write a review of the proper S2 and add a little about the meetup?

the game got a good score, and that was only the demo!

Fordman is dealing with the TV by the way.
How about Gamer.TV on Bravo? I think it'd be great to fuse together the UK Meet with an overall review of the game.
ok, i have contacted the channel, explained what is going on.

i hope they might be intrested, because its a very unique way to review the game, and not a normal situation.

aslong as it doesnt detract from the important business... driving
My flight is booked, now I only have to find a hotel room. Unfortunately the price for one night is quite high, does anyone here want to share a room?
I know Tux (Dumass!) wants to share with someone to spread the cost. But's he's just gone offline and to bed, so you'll have to wait til morning for a reply from him...
Ahem, Tux and I are sharing a twin room as well as me giving him a lift.
Right little love nest you've got brewing there :P :lovies3d:
X_X When I say twin room, two SEPARATE beds! ' ';
lol, mabye ill come next time.
Quote from tristancliffe :Right little love nest you've got brewing there :P :lovies3d:

remind me to poke you in the eyes when we meet
Quote from LawVS :X_X When I say twin room, two SEPARATE beds! ' ';

That you push together when we're not looking, I know

UK LFS meet, All Welcome
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