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Quote from ssm :I thought that GPL was a little more forgiving then LFS. GTL is even softer.

Not with a gamepad.

Just finished 4th in that race, got my best time down to a mid 1:04 and couldn't quite take 3rd place even though I was a bit faster, just too nervous after nearly having a big accident.
Quote from Jertje :Oh, before I forget... Samuli, what do you use to edit just your pedal movement into your videos? do you fraps the lap twice with both interfaces and then crop one of them down to just the pedal activity? I thought it looked really neat and clean

Yep, I recorded it twice and took it into Premiere where I crop and resize the one with steering and pedals. I've also scaled it up so they won't be completely blurred out when I compress the whole video for Youtube.

Rob76: You don't need to download all tracks and cars at once, you can just leave out some to download later.
Quote from Crommi :
Rob76: You don't need to download all tracks and cars at once, you can just leave out some to download later.

Only 50Mb to go now....polished off a bottle of Magic Hat while waiting
You guys are too fast!

I won't tolerate 1:03s at LRP on the first night! Nor 1:50s after a couple of laps at LS. Slow down guys, you're making me feel bad!

On a different note: in case anyone needs an invitation, I've got a promotion code to spare. PM me. First come, first serve, but I probably won't send it out until tomorrow.
I hit low 1:04s at Lime Rock now, just had a really tough race. I went off on lap 1, way out into the dirt, which put me last. Then I fought back through to 3rd, nearly taking 2nd, if I had another lap I would of got him. There were a few dodgy drivers out there, one kept sliding around and fishtailing out of turns, which caused a crash, which I got caught in again. It seems everytime someone crashes hard they just swerve right into you!
Quote from jaws99 :1.03.9! I've only done 19 laps at the combo. Still too early to race though, making a lot of mistakes from pushing like a maniac.

Absolutely loving this so far though, and hard to beleive im less than a second behind the best drivers.

Is that with default setup? I'm stuck in the 1:06s (if I don't spin!)....
I don't think you can adjust the setups in the rookie series, or can you?
Quote from th84 :I don't think you can adjust the setups in the rookie series, or can you?

Ah, it seems not. At least I know it's me then....
Just had my first win, basically 2 guys infront on the grid crashed, then I just had to pass 1 guy. I passed him, and cruised to a win, although I nearly spun on one lap and picked up an incident for going off the track, but I set my fastest lap right after that.

These are my results so far...

Race 1: 2nd
Race 2: 4th
Race 3: 3rd
Race 4: 1st
Congrats, QS.

I just did 10 or so laps at LRP, I managed to get into the low 1:05's. Im gonna have to see a video or two and figure out where I'm losing my time (other than lack of talent).

I might do the 9pm race at LRP, but there are loads signed up for the legends, I might have to jump in that.
th84 I was stuck there too. I take T1 in 3rd gear (both right handers) then I take the left hander in 3rd, the right hander in 3rd and then that's were I was making my mistake. The rest of the track in 4th. It get's me to around 1:04.7's. The uphill part I take in 4th aswell as the rest now. Try that if it's not what you're doing.
Yea, thats what Ive been doing. I think (by watching a couple of videos) I just need to be a bit more aggresive going into the corners.

Thanks for the tip though.

Also, I find that compared to LFS I have to turn into the turn just a little bit earlier because it tends to have a slight 4 wheel slide all the time :P. And in these kind of cars getting on the throttle earlier is better so sometimes I brake a bit earlier then I would usually to get on the throttle before.

Anyways ill let u experiment and im on for a race in 5 minutes.
Quote from evilpimp :

Anyways ill let u experiment and im on for a race in 5 minutes.

Me too, the legends race has 60 sign ups!
The left turn after the double right seems to be where I am losing time, you need to take a really wide entry to hit the apex properly, then chuck it into the right turn and from there is 4th gear all the way.
Yea, I know thats where im losing a bit of time too. Im gonna work on it some more after this legends race.
Agreed but I try to be a bit safer there because I tried to go a bit wide last time and I went into the grass lol.
Quote from ATC Quicksilver :Yes, thats what my dad had and it worked fine, except now I am called Treva, I will have to contact them to change that!

nice to race with ya treva
Oh so ur Treva!!! I just raced you! lol. I'm Taha :P The guy who got 3rd. I got knocked pretty bad after some guy spun. 3 man crash. He spun went into the grass and then I was following a backmarker waiting for him to move and then the guy flew back into the track and hit the other guy who fishtailed me as I was passing him because of the accident and that was at exit of last turna nd I spun almst till T1 :P I passed finish line spinning and then I reset car and kept going. Got 3rd. That's ok for that massivly huge accident that I had. :P
Yeh were you the one telling people to cool it and race fair (stableX), then the nutters ignored it. Just got my time down to 01:04.070, I was running 2nd, really close race with the leader and I hit a curb too much, spun, but still came 2nd.

Hopefully they will change my Driver Name, I sent a message to the support bit. My safety rating is 3.47 now.

StableX whats your iracing name, I will add you as a friend.

By the way I wouldn't suggest using a gamepad, it works, but my god does it strain your hands! I'm going to have claws by the time I am done with iracing.

Evilpimp did you start 3rd on the grid, or just finish 3rd? I remember me and the leader just dropped everyone and for 16 laps were less than a few tenths apart, until I took too much curb and lost it big time in the 2nd to last turn.
I started 4th and then some guy passed me (risky pass) in T1 so I let him by and some other guy tried to ignore my presence on his inside going into the left hander and he ended up spinning so I was in 5th cuz that slowed me down. Fought my way to 4th and then the guy in 3rd spun and that's when there was the big accident. The guy who ws in 3rd was slowing me down A LOT. If it wasnt for him I would have finished .1 behind you according to the average laptimes we had. He slowed me down like crazy and then spun and the big crash came.

I started 4th, finished 3rd. Could of beena really nice race with you ruined by someone spinning in front of me again. :P Oh well. You're best lap kills mine though. I have no idea were I'm losing time. At least not .5.
Well I found lots of time in the left hander, you need a really wide entry so you can get the power down early and get good drive into that fast section. Then its the series of 4th gear right handers, you need big balls basically, because you just need to lightly get on the brakes then throw it in.
So I finally got my invite! What's the story with "unlocks"?
I've got a new computer on the way and was going to wait for that to arrive before I got started, but now I'm getting itchy to try it. If I start iRacing on this old laptop will I have trouble unlocking it on the new computer, or is it just like LFS?
You shouldn't have any trouble. I downloaded it at my moms and dads during the same week without any trouble.

P.S : How old is the laptop - It might not work on it. :P

Also Quicksilver : Are you saying I don't have big balls? :P Thanks for the tip. I started taking the last turn without tapping the brakes anymore I just light a bit to get that little steer in thingy and then get on the gas and it seems to help me pass a couple of guys after during the straight. I mainly lose time on the left hander that you have to take wide. I'll try that tomorow I guess.
It's not a dual core, which might be a hang up.
1.6ghz pentium M
1.5gb RAM
nvidia 5200 overclocked a little. 60-70fps solid in LFS, less SO with a full grid, in which case it drops to 30-40fps.

Should I just try and wait for the new system or do you think I'd be alright offline for a few days?
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