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Yes, iRacing losers are one big troll.
Is now a good time to sign up? How is the formula mazda nowadays? When does the next season start?
The only good reason to sign up now is because it's free. It's dying, admittedly slowly, but I give iR maybe another year max until everyone realises just how badly it's run. Look at the ****ing state of the schedule they realised this season, it's ridiculous. AC can't come quickly enough.
street stock a class above late model

iRacing couldn't organise a gang rape in a barracks.
add me: Raymond Kingsbury2

I must say, tyre physics suck on road course. I mean holy crap i lift off throttle and the rear end is in dirt. Too much throttle and it understeers into dirt. Brakes dont even feel like they do anything sometimes
I tried to download Infineon Racetrak, (update), but always pressing after "update" icon it refreshes the page, no loading happen. Can someone halp me?

and i know there's iRacing forum, but meh
did you have all the iracing software downloaded?
I guess i have
Couple of questions from me - is the new calendar the same for the next 2 seasons? And also what happens in Week 13? All I ever see for week 13 is lots o YouTube videos of people wrecking :P
Quote from J@tko : All I ever see for week 13 is lots o YouTube videos of people wrecking :P

They're asking for input on what series to run in Week 13, expect the usual SR&IR joke races with street stock and MX5, but expect plenty of fun races too, something like Nascar on road courses and 60 car endurance events.

Schedule is only really set for 1 season, but iRacing are a ****ing joke when it comes to schedules.
Week13 is the gap week for season changeover and basically it involves series runnin on weird tracks and the like
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From TonyG:
Quote :Any problems with the schedule can be blamed on one man and one man alone. Steve Myers. I encourage you to contact him with all of your ideas to improve the schedule because I think he purposely tries to mess this up. He just does not like to see others having fun and is a miserable person so don’t hold back with and any dissatisfaction. Although deep down you are probably just making him happier. That is why we make him do the schedule to begin with, he likes being in misery. Really it is quite sad.

Seriously, this is what was voted for, let’s try it, but if we did see something odd, we also tried to consider what we know people like and don’t forget, we know what is popular based on the racing data.

All and all, most series lined up with many if not most of the “usual” tracks. After Steve put many, many hours on this, I put a second set of eyes on all these schedules Steve put together one long day and compared to the survey’s and this is what you have other than we tweaked a few things for variety and based on hard data when something looked odd . Then we discussed each track and each series and got others involved in that process as well but by and large this is what the membership voted for. No matter what we do, we can all pick tracks in any series that we don’t like personally.

Tried something new for a season, the democratic approach, it is a good data point and interesting results, we can always go back to a more data driven and independent feedback approach going forward.

I lol'ed
So basically, they followed the voting only where it matched their stats. The whole point of voting was to get different tracks for different series rather than the usual shit, but when anything was different they looked at their stats and changed it. This has left us with a schedule that nobody voted for and nobody wanted.
2 years for $99 (i.e. 2 years for 1) for existing and lapsed members on atm.

I just created a new account.

Today (yesterday) done my first race in ages, finished 4th after starting 10th on the grid. No single incident. Avoided 2 crashes.

In my 2nd race, I was less fortunate. I was starting in 8th, quickly down to 6th or 7th, but on lap 2... cars in front of my crashed, and I had to go through the middle. But there was a car battleing with me. When I braked I lost all grip and slid straight into one of the standing cars. Later on rejoined in 14th, and made way back to 8th until in a slight loss of concentration, brushed the outside wall, and crashed really hard when spinning into the pit wall.

But I must say, I really enjoyed them 2 races, will race more soon.
Cadillac CTSV-R is a wonderful car. Took me a while to master infineon but besides some slight snappiness the car is a blast. Like the FZR with a more XRT feel.Not a fan of the cockpit as you cant see over hills but w/e. I still feel LFS is better.

Haha someone broke iracing. "down for maintenance"
I see Yann's the reigning champion and current leader in the VW Jetta class of the The Grand Touring Series. Warming up for the Scirocco, I guess?
Quote from J@tko :2 years for $99 (i.e. 2 years for 1) for existing and lapsed members on atm.

Just saw that too Mine finished just last week but now tempted to buy 2 years for the price of one.
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I just got 6 months for free (Thanks Rockclan for the link on an NDR thread )

Anyways, I just tried out my first race after taking all day to download it . I won't comment on it until I try it more, but..

(I race under the name Michael Corns there.. rest assured my real name is Cameron ) ... =6098034&custid=99708
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