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What a great location you found there! I discovered something similar in my area as well which is great fun for any shooting!

Had some "tunnel fun" recently, not sitting in the driver's seat once in a while:

Geez, that picture is superb smove! Awesome.
Wow, lovely shot! Good work smove, do share more!
Glad you're liking these! Smile

Here's one more from this series:

And an older one:

For more, you're kindly invited to visiting my flickr stream! Razz

@Silverracer: Great avatar, btw! Big grin
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@MousemanLV - Looks like a great place to go and look for shots in.

Quote from smove :Had some "tunnel fun" recently, not sitting in the driver's seat once in a while

Fantastic shots, will need to give this a try some time...
100% agreed with amp88. Nod
Thanks for all the heads ups! Thumbs up

This time something a bit more abstract:

Quote from Don :It's been ages since I shot a rally.

These must be some of the most spectacular rallye photos I've ever seen. Jaw-droppingly beautiful. All of them! Composition, details, colours, framing - a lot of things are showcased here to learn from you. Keep up this astonishing work! Thumbs up
A shot from my family's newly acquired Canon EOS T5.

A few days ago I got a surprise when I heard a chainsaw start up at the bottom of the garden. Unbeknownst to me, the next-door neighbours had hired a company to perform some tree surgery. So, I thought I'd pop out with my 70-300 and see what I could snap. The lighting wasn't great, and my 650D really struggled with the dynamic range of the harsh early-afternoon sunlight and the shade provided by some of the trees. Thankfully I was able to recover quite a bit of detail with the shadow/highlight sliders in Lightroom from the RAW files.

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Randomly looked out of my window Smile

Click for HD.
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A few pics from a camping trip last weekend to a place called Loch Rannoch in the highlands of Scotland:

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What a place! Heart
Went to LA for a week. Here are some of the first shots I developed (all Ricoh GR):

4-image stitch:

Had the chance to shoot a local Autocross event this weekend. It was a blast!

[click image for gallery]
Photos I've taken (link)

Mostly nature photos, but of course also motorsport. Unfortunately I will miss the rally of Finland this year almost perfectly, I'm only able to go to shakedown. Normally I go to many many stages, as the rally is in the same city where I live, Jyväskylä.

Photos of a crosscart race here in Jyväskylä last October.They make really nice sound as the engines scream 15 000rpm.

I'm currently working on rallysprint photos, I'll link them when they're ready to watch.

Camera Showoff
(5562 posts, started )