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Great pictures in the last few posts. A couple of 'abstract' light trails shots from the last week:

Few shots from Neste Oil Rally Finland 2015, unfortunately only from shakedown.
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Great pictures, except the last one. That's simply stunning! Thumbs up
Shame you didn't get Kris Meeke but they are still amazing shots! keep up the good work
Thanks, here's a pic of Kris.
Been away from the forums for a while now, just caught up with this thread, some really impressive shots guys, wonderful stuff. I few from the Golpsie Sprints which I've just uploaded, feel a tad dirty in lowering the standard though....but why change a habit of a lifetime.

Spent a few days in New York...

It's all here: clicky
Zotzenbach! Big grin

This Sunday the story will continue in Stockstadt. You're in? Cool
So no one posts here anymore? Frown
Let's try to get some pics again...

Quote from de Souza :So no one posts here anymore? Frown
Let's try to get some pics again...

Good idea! Nice nighttime cityscape you caught there! Thumbs up

I went for some ultra slow shutter panning action recently:

This was exposed one fifth of a second with the additional help of a tripod misused as a monopod. Razz
Came across the Mille Miglia recently. What a blast!

That last one is absolutely gorgeous!

Cool stuff! Especially that 6-series is da bomb! Thumbs up
Love the historic sidecar, just back from the Isle of Man TT and always look forward to the sidecar races the most.
Ok so back from the Isle of Man TT, great time.

The waning gibbous moon.

Anyway, bleh.

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Camera Showoff
(5562 posts, started )