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I know right? :DDD
Yeah they do kinda look creepy, unless you see them in person they instantly look more cute (except for the coca cola thingy, that's just meh)!
great shots elvisThumbs up
Thank you Imudila, cheers!
Some great shots as ever in this thread, I've followed those of you on Flickr

Myself, I walked the UK three peaks (that's Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis) the last week in October last year. The awesome experience and cool sense of accomplishment aside, despite the damp and cloudy weather I managed some nice shots of the views on the way (got to get some memories of the 105,000 steps walked, right?).

On the way to the start:
Long exposure of Afon Llugwy by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Llyn Gwynant by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Stars above my tent by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Diverting from Watkin Path, Snowdon by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Ascending Snowdon, south ridge approach by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Descending Snowdon, back on Watkin Path by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Ascending Great End by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Derwent Valley by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Descending Ben Nevis by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr

Ben Nevis waterfall - out by Ben Ponsford, on Flickr
Those are some really great photos, they look absolutely amazing! I love how clean they are. Amazing! (y)
That long exposure is so weird Big grin, Cool that you went to Ben Nevis! Great photos!
Quote from MousemanLV :Those are some really great photos, they look absolutely amazing!

Thanks, they are stunning areas of the country.

Quote from MousemanLV :I love how clean they are. Amazing!

Base ISO on modern cameras generally is, I thought? I do also run two layers of mild noise reduction as part of my post-processing.

Quote from k_badam :That long exposure is so weird Big grin, Cool that you went to Ben Nevis! Great photos!

Yeah the patterns ended up nicer than expected. Smile
UK is such a great location for photographers, it's absolutely fabulous. I need to travel there once again. Portsmouth, Fareham and London wasn't enough during my internship. Although first I need to get a wider lens, my 50mm on a DX format camera is not exactly what you'd call wide Big grin
I grew up in Portsmouth, some nice scenery in places around there but certainly nothing remotely mountainous. Not the countrys highlight.

I've got lots of vintage film lenses, though mostly for longer focal lengths (due to crop sensor), results can be pretty good and the lenses often dirt cheap. Going fully manual is more involving, can make you take your time a bit more. Could be worth investigating; I'll be selling my Tamron 17mm soon, I'd imagine something like that would be significantly more useful for landscapes.
My 320i
nice Smile
Great pics Campeón Smile
thanks campeon
Dale campeon acalareraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Let's necropost this thread!

Had the pleasure to spectate a Rally event after almost 10 years...time sure does fly like crazy. Rally Estonia 2019 (WRC promotional event).
Left the photos pretty much as is. Only some exposure corrections and slight cropping here and there. No added blur or anything like that.

A gallery with 300+ images from the rally (down from 2000+). Click on the small images to enlarge and navigate.

Equipment used: Pentax K-5 + Pentax SMC DA* 60-250mm f/4 ED [IF] SDM

9 Selected Images:

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Quote from Taavi(EST) :Let's necropost this thread!

i guess you did.

very nice photos i might add.

maybe this is the place to ask someone to take some high res photos of car lights to be used on files we could use ingame for a more "real" look on cars ingame.

as you know. i would love to make a transam out of xrt.
however some things i cant find online in reasonable resolution.(most are too low).

so perhaps if you know of someone or just stumples across one with a cam in your hand.

i will politely ask if someone could be interested in doing some pics for that purpose?
could infact be any car and any brand, so you could get your very own front/rearlights on your car inside lfs. (i even be happy to give it a go if interest is there.
but for myself. im looking for pointiac trans am dashboard (original and full,the golden from i think the 78 versions).

also would like a nice shot of westfield / caterham rears and front lights.naturally for the lx cars ingame.

i dont have a camera myself. so it would be very appriciated if someone got time to do a few.

they would need to be fairly straight up in the image. (see forexample the dds files in lfs).
this is mostly the problem with images found online. they are off so it would only look weird.

so small request and also would like to say theres alot of very nice pics in this thread.
hopefully more comes Smile

hope to hear from someone either in pm or here. thx wiz
Might aswell post some pictures too, from a racing event from over a month ago, I'm not sure if any of those pics are good, but I like them.

IMG_6224 by Braien H, on Flickr

IMG_6456 by Braien H, on Flickr

IMG_6463 by Braien H, on Flickr

IMG_6522 by Braien H, on Flickr

IMG_6538 by Braien H, on Flickr

IMG_6587 by Braien H, on Flickr

IMG_6264 by Braien H, on Flickr

IMG_6347 by Braien H, on Flickr

I know all of the pictures are not in focus and whatnot, been a long time since I went to a racing event, and first time I went with my camera.
All pics are pretty much raw, only slight colour correction done, in a way that looks pleasing to my eyes.
Went to my hometown as a tourist...

Pentax K-5 + SMC Pentax-A 50mm F1.7 / SMC Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL

More here
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Camera Showoff
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