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Strathaven Fireworks Night 2013
Hi all,

Some shots I took last night at a local fireworks show. It's the first time I've shot fireworks, so although I'd read up a little on the theory I wasn't sure what to expect. Little sprinklings of rain didn't help the cause either. Anyway, I'm moderately happy with how a few of them turned out.

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i had enough of londons fireworks already. its been a week and its still going !!!
Damn, Ben. You are god of photography. Top class photography.
Quote from majod :is that your PC case? looks a bit overheated :P

It's handy for warming up a sauna though!
Ok so with my new camera I'm going to make some portraits.
Here's first try with very lovely lady.
Feel free to like my fanpage to see more of my pictures.
The new Canon EF 50mm/1.4 arrived! What a great lens to play with!

Another quick shot ... Cheers, everybody!

somehow managed to take this pic with the rather puny camera in my RAZR I. Apart from the resize I did nothing to it.
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I'd been looking at getting a telephoto lens for a while and after much consideration and several checks of my bank balance, I plumped for the Tamron 70-300 F4-5.6 VC USD. From reviews, this lens seems to give decent image quality and it's pretty good in terms of value for money. Of course, I'd prefer to have one of the F2.8 or F4 lenses with constant aperture throughout the focal range, but even the cheapest of those is significantly more costly than this was. So...I got it at the start of the year and had to wait a while for some decent weather to go out and shoot in. I went to Strathclyde Park and Baron's Haugh hoping to get some interesting subjects. The wildlife turned out not to be as varied as I would have wanted, but there were a lot of swans, so...

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So I went with some friends to an abandoned house in a nearby town, and the idea was to try some "creepy" styled photos. Moderately happy with the results.

This was my first real use of the Olympus E-M5 and I'm in love with the thing. I'm still a long way to learning what it can do and the kit lens, although not bad in image quality, is too damn slow - combine that with the dark indoors.
Also, I'm not that comfortable using the viewfinder with glasses, it's weird. Does anyone do that as well? Any tips? I never used a viewfinder before.

Long story short, a lot of photos came out worse than I saw at the time from the VF/LCD screen. The next ones will be better.

Full set is here, criticism is welcomed.
Quote from de Souza :Creepy Stuff

Quite impressive! You greatly captured the mood there, and I especially like how you worked out the wall textures. About the girl: At first sight I thought she was a doll! So, that speaks for her make-up.
Correct We've shot it last Saturday afternoon
not bad don... 5/10. Like this one

Lots of nice shots on your site Hazaky
I'm not the best photographer or anything but I try. I'm no justice for my camera.

Moon por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Unidentified Aircraft por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Sisters por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Skinny Padme por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Flowers por Vlazgax, en Flickr

I'm in no way patriotic, the flag just came to be there.

México por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Plants por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Daughter and Father por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Horse por Vlazgax, en Flickr

After a lot of tries and a lot of imagination, I was able to capture saturn. I added a little shadow to the main planet's disc to allow everyone to differenciate the rings.

Saturn June 18 2013 por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Alert por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Friends por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Whatcha lookin' at? por Vlazgax, en Flickr

First Person por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Fog por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Sunset1 por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Sunset2 por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Sunset3 por Vlazgax, en Flickr

Sunset por Vlazgax, en Flickr
Short trip with my new RX100. I'm really impressed with the image quality. High ISO performance is not so good, but at base 125 ISO and adequate aperture (visible diffraction starts at f/7,1), the sharpness and dynamic range are very good, much better than my former Canon 30D. Looking at unprofiled RAW image (this is bottom lef corner of the true raw image camera records - remember, compact cameras apply lens correction, as the raw editing software does, this is visible in software which does not support my camera), I'm surprised the camera handles the lens correction so well. No visible vignetting and CA visible only on extreme corners. Anyway, here's a sample:

1/200s f/6,3 ISO 125 @ 28mm - edited, shadows and blacks up, removed CA


top right:

1/8s f/11 ISO 80 @ 28mm - edited and handheld

sharpness loss due to f/11, center:

bottom left (top right is out of focus):

Camera Showoff
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