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There's not much point giving a toss about going bald, it's not like I'm going to stop it and I was never that pretty anyway. Fortunately I ooze working class charm.

Also I at least got to 35 with hair, which is about 10 years better than my best mate did, and 15 years better than my older brother, so I have nothing to complain about really.
I'm a shy person. Does this count?
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me and whores :-))

I am suprised the iso 6400 is so nice even having quite a bit loss in sharpness.
I'm not too good with the focus yet. And I had to use the high ISO so I could have a decent piece of light without having too slow shutter speed.

I have shrinked the pic down so it doesn't fill up the whole Internet, so you can't see the noise too good. For now I'm only using the standard 18-55IS that came with the camera.
Yeh I saw from exif . I think the 18-55IS can handle easily 1/20 sharp as it has quite good optical stabilization. You had 1/125. Not neccessary so you might use ISO 1600. Anyway I think its matter of practise and learning curve :-). Enjoy your camera.
I used 1/80, not 1/125. I only use that high when it's really bright or I use flash. But right now I tested with as low as 1/20 and it looked pretty good. O,o Thanks!

I bought my camera at Wednesday and it's really awesome compared to my old Olympus.
You are right with 1/80. I misinterpreted Opera exif output. Np :-)) When u use flash inside try 1/25 with F3.5 and iso 1600-3200 (you need to use M modem though). It give some nice more natural pictures then using the standard 1/60 or 1/200 options which give some hard light.
It wouldn't go lower than F4.0. However this is my couch with my table, camera case and Minecraft Creeper. On the second picture I've angled the flash using a piece of paper. This is with 1/25 and ISO 1600.

And another picture of me without my face, but with 1/20 and ISO 1600.
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bumpping the thread

just got a new haircut.

Look TOTALLY different.

Ginger, but somehow still sexy.
u look mean ! no wonder ur a mod here :P
My face.
thats ****in nerdy
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And no I don't know why my face is so red.
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Quote from S14 DRIFT :And no I don't know why my face is so red.

I just imagined you laughing like Chris Griffin, in that picture.
Quote from 91mason91 :Watch you don't break the horse.

I know my weight did stop the horsey in his stride but he was a valliant little fellow and didn't give up.
one of my actual face for once lolol

not a major fan of alcohol but free drinks..cant say no ;D
damn u scored Britney Spears !
what? o_O
Quote from Klutch :what? o_O

She looks a bit like Britney, especially her eyes. But on the other hand, you do too Klutch :P (jk)

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