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Holy balls, thats who she reminded me of!
I'll take these as compliments? lol

pikture of me taken by my mum
Does that guy have herpes?

How did he managed to have sex? I'm guessing a hooker?
Klutch: Do you have a life; or are you so pathetic that you need to insult other forum members to make yourself feel worthwhile?
Second one.
Thought so.
Quote from S14 DRIFT :Ginger, but somehow still sexy.

always; deep down inside everyone wants some of that fire ....

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Summmer timeeee and the livings eaaaasy.
The good life
TypeRacing - Tartu McDonald's, hehe
Quote from rich uk :Summmer timeeee and the livings eaaaasy.

You have a strange neck/chin combination.


Your mammy must be proud - did you have a nice day?
pffffftttttt hahahaha
I had an excellent day! Thanks for asking. Leave me and my pony alone!
Is that ride to the left of you a catapult for small children? Looks useful.
grinning from ear to ear with this one

Oh god. :hide:

Post Your Face:)
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