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Quote from MattsterGT :Longest hair of a male driver?

You've obviously not seen a guy with long hair.
Well he probably missed BenjiMC's signature...
Quote Where men are women and women are men

Quote from MattsterGT :Longest hair of a male driver?

No. But i've posted far too many pictures of myself in this thread already.
yeah, im the one with the silly hat.... first rave(ish) event i have gone to...
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Is that Hamilton next to you?
lol wut? hamilton?
Guy looks like LH
is that dj faggot?
Take headphones to a rave.

Why don't you ever post your face?

Is it because you is black?

Problem? :>
Quote from Stefani24 :That is long? And male?

Funny, coming from someone who had to specify his gender in his sig for a long time
Ugly duckling
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My my, what a big gun you have. I bet you have rapid fire as well.

And no, that's not a euphamism.
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I need not Photoshop this pic same as OP to illustrate how ***ked up I was =)
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Quote from CSU1 :yard brush stuck to forehead

HOLY SHIT!! no wonder irish men have issues with baldness, you've stolen all the feckin hair in Ireland for those brows. how do you manage to keep your eyes open with all that follicle based brow ballast? they nearly start at your top lip lmao!!
it's like you've got the McDonalds arches on your forehead hehehe.
Rich you should try the troll face. You have the chin for it.
Quote from dadge :? they nearly start at your top lip lmao!!

It herededatary(SP?)

shud see by sister

Post Your Face:)
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